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PUMA has launched a special product for the female segment. It has teamed up with
Modibodi which is a global leak proof apparel company. The product is leak-free period
underwear which will help women to stay comfortable and active when their menstrual days
strike. It will also have a positive environmental impact because of its conscious efforts
towards sustainable development.
Product description
Puma specializes in the production of leak-free underwear. It believes that every person has
an equal right to participate in sports and other activities. So, this product gives them a chance
to stay active and playful even during periods. They came up with this idea and held the
motivation of exclusive global partnership under the “She Moves Us” platform (Puma, 2022).
The product is designed in such a way that they can eliminate the use of disposable pads, liners,
and tampons to a great extent. The top layer is made of soft merino wool which absorbs
moisture and sweat, a middle layer of absorbent microfiber that locks odor and an additional
bottom layer which makes it waterproof.
Advertising Problem
The main advertising problem that the company is facing in its advertisements is not relatable
to target population (women) as compared to the competitors. Some of the other competitors’
loyal customers are not able to get a fair reason why they should switch to Puma.
Other problems are listed as under:
The advertising and branding of the product is not easy for the public to accept due to
gender biasness and social issues prevailing in the society. The public is unaware about
the same.
Other competitors are doing branding and advertising in a better way, and they offer
price advantage to the customers. Also, the social media coverage of the product is
exceptionally low to attract a large sum of females.
The advertising is incredibly vague and not specific. It means that they are not
specifically focusing on the female segment of the society and their problems (
Jain and
Srivastava, 2020)
Advertising Objective:
The SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely objectives of Puma are
listed as under:
To be the fastest growing sportswear brand in the world in by 2025.
Increase the visibility of female athletes in the world of sports to maximum 60 – 70%.
To increase the social media reach by 40% by 2024.
To increase the demand of the product by 30% by 2023
Target Consumer
There is a truth that holds behind Puma and that is that it was earlier a brand that was
oriented toward professional athletes who were competing on the national and international
platforms. But as the time passed by, the company has focused on reinventing and
diversifying itself to another segment of consumers as well (Businesswire, 2022). Hence
now it has ceased to be a brand that only focuses on elite sports but it also trying to extend
its segment to the public. Now they have shifted the focus towards women. Mainly the
brand is focused on women aged between 18-45 years. The consumers are of the uppermiddle class segment which consists of women who focus to live a healthy lifestyle
between the age group of
15 to 35 years (Blucactus, 2022). Also, to extend its segment and
attract more customers the company is now more concerned with individual characteristics.
Also, the promotions towards the target audience are more focused.
Creative Strategy
Objective Statement
As we are focusing on the women segment of Puma, we need to address the major issue that
women face in sport and otherwise, to be active while on periods. The reasons can be quite
different, but the problem remains the same. Talking and taking steps towards normalizing
women being active when on periods is only going to help increase the number of female
athletes. In Addition to promoting athletes what we can do is get the testimonials of women in
general dealing with such issues (period cramps, leakage, uncomfortable panty situations) and
how do they solve or deal with the issue can help boost the social media. PUMA can also
distribute their products designed for women to as many females of different age as possible,

enough to cover their monthly cycle. This will help women solve their issues with the help of
PUMA products (Panties and briefs) that they face on a monthly basis but also will highlight
the monthly expenses the women have to go through for a basic hygiene necessity. Such type
of creative strategy would not only help the business to create awareness among larger number
of target population in terms of product benefits but will also build up their confidence to get
associate with the sports even during their menstruation period (businesswire, 2022).
Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
For the people who like sporty energetic apparels, Puma leak-free panty provides
uniqueness in their apparel as well.
They are leak-free and comfortable all day long.
It is a sustainable product because they are made from materials free from plastic use
and can be reused.
They hold a positive and open platform for people to put their problems and get the
It makes women’s period life hygienic and developed (Puma, 2022).
Source: Instagram Puma Australia, May03,2022)
Product Benefits
1. The materials used in the manufacturing of the product have no environmental impacts
as they aim to make sustainable products.
2. They use material, which is extracted from natural and renewable resources,
3. They use biodegradable polymers.

4. The products manufactured are super comfortable, light weight and adjustable.
5. There is a minimum usage of hazardous and restricted substances (,
Principal Benefits
The main benefit that the consumer of this product will have is that they will have stress free
and they will also be able to participate in sports and be on top of the game. The
product will make
periods days for the women easier and avoid problems because of which
many women and girls suffer a lot (
Wildfeuer, 2018).
Support or Reason why this Benefit is Possible
This benefit is possible only because Puma has been constantly checking the requirements of
women and how they can offer best products to them for their different usage. Also, their social
issues are being considered to a great extent. The feedback and customer support are duly
considered for making the changes necessary to the products.
Target Competition
Puma is one of the top brands which have gained popularity in the sportswear segment over
several years. The leak-free underwear offered by them has various competitors in the market.
Some of the top competitors are:
1. Calvin Klein
2. Nike
3. Reebok
4. Adidas
The generic strategy of Puma women underwear which is leak-free for periods focuses on
getting competitive advantage by emphasizing more on differentiating the company and its
product. Another strategy which the company has been largely focusing on is to gain a huge
share in the international women sportswear segment and promoting the women athletes. This
is primarily their growth strategy in comparison with their competitors. So both the generic and
growth strategies help in directly competing with their competitors (
Niskanen, 2019).
Primary competition- The primary competition of Puma is with Nike as it holds a good
share of customer loyalty and is well known to consumers.

Secondary competition- The secondary competition is with Adidas as it holds a large
share of the people who are of middle class.
Indirect competition- Indirect competition is from brand such as CK, etc.
Puma holds one of the best positions in the field of sports lifestyle. They are focused on the
objective of being “The Most Desirable and Sustainable Sport lifestyle Company.” It is a multicategory brand that is having the strength and opportunity in the sportswear market. They have
been largely focusing on the women needs and gaining huge popularity in the same as
compared to other products. It is diversifying to different locations and regions depending upon
the needs of the women worldwide. This holds a special brand positioning which increases the
permanent value of the company.
The positioning of the product will be for women who have
hectic lifestyle and needs reliable
resources to
support them with respect to the period wear. PUMA women products are
positioned successfully in combining the lifestyle and sports which helps in contributing to a
better world. The expansion of the existing categories makes them position well in the
fluctuating market conditions (
Lupi, 2020).
Single-Minded Proposition
The purpose of this campaign is to be the best support and a trustworthy friend for women
in all walks of life (sports, business, jobs, etc.) in period and to push and motivate them to be
brave, happy, and confident.
Tone of the Advertising
The tone of the advertising will be aggressive, competitive, and bold in the beginning and
shift to
friendly and happy at the end. This will indicate the emotional roller-coaster that
women go through when on periods. Which will make the brand relatable, reliable and make
them feel known.
Brand Character
The brand character for the campaign is Outlaw combined with the Ruler in the beginning
and later transitions into
Innocent and Sage. (Doglass, July 2019). This is also in
synchronization with the brand tagline,
“Fuel your passion”
Creative Strategy Statement
Advertising will convince women between the age of 15 to 35 years that the latest Puma
Panties and Briefs will help them have stress free periods and help them be on top of the
game and make their period days easier. The support will be the constant R & D and constant
customer feedback. Tone will be aggressive, competitive, and bold in the beginning and shift
to friendly and happy at the end. Character of the product is Outlaw combined with the Ruler
in the beginning and later transitions into Innocent and Sage.

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