Criminal Theories Research Paper The highlights: • This paper is worth 50 points

Criminal Theories Research Paper
The highlights:
• This paper is worth 50 points.
• No less than three pages (this does not include cover page and bibliography)
• 12 point font and normal margins
• Must use APA formatting
• Cite your references. You must use at least 2 references juther than the textbook. A reference is a peer-reviewed journal or published book, scholastic or government sponsored study, etc. Wikipedia is NOT a source. Neither is Instagram, YouTube, ChatGPT, or any other popular web resource like that.
You can get help with listing references at (). Use the Learning Resource Center for Rough Drafts.
I want this research paper on a Doc Document
Research a criminogenic theory and explain why you identify with it most. For example, you believe environment makes some people commit crime, yet some just decide to do it because of free will; this is neo-classicalism. After explaining this, explain the daily factors (poverty, drugs, race, bad parenting, etc.) that exist in today’s society that affect your chosen theory and give examples. Does the media play a part in your criminal theory? Directly or indirectly? Explain.
What should be done to help eliminate crime in our society based upon your theory? Is there a perfect situation to grow up in that results in a person who does not think of committing crime?
Write as if you are trying to convince myself and others of your theory; people who don’t know much about the criminal justice system but do want to make it more effective. Your perspective must be well thought out, researched, and presented in a thorough manner. Consider the potential consequences of your paper. If your theory is right it holds the potential to change how law enforcement functions in one of the largest countries in the world! Not only that, but it has the potential to make society safer and reduce inequality among ethnic and socioeconomic classes.
Don’t sell yourself short. You could be the catalyst for social change.