CULTURAL ARTIFACT SHARE (SHARE #2) Research a cultural artifact (FROM A SPECIFIC

Research a cultural artifact (FROM A SPECIFIC CULTURE/COUNTRY/REGION) and discuss its significance for the culture to which it belongs. DO NOT DO ANY TYPE OF FOOD/DRINK (that was the first share).
Artifacts you might consider: Clothing, jewelry, historical landmarks, musical instruments, recreational objects, specific types of piercings or markings, ceremonial objects, home furnishings, tools, etc. If you’re not sure about the artifact you are considering, talk to me.
Info to include about your artifact:
the name of the artifact
the culture to which it belongs
why you chose this artifact
any history of the artifact
cultural significance of the artifact
how/when/where/why/by whom the artifact is used
a photo of the artifact with the name of it typed below the photo
BE SURE TO MENTION YOUR SOURCES IN YOUR WRITING (for example– “According to _____” or “_____ states…”) whenever you mention information you got from research/articles. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA AS ONE OF YOUR SOURCES.
On the day you decide to share, make sure you have submitted your typed portion and be prepared to talk to the class for 3-5 minutes.
It must be at least 400 words (preferably 12-point font).
I would like my paper to be written about the vietnamese woman’s 
traditional dress called the Ao Dai. Please try to finish before the deadline. 
please keep it simple and try not to sound too sophisticated or too “smart” the purpose is to be able to read this and speak the information in class.