DAT7002: Data Visualisation And Interpretation, Assignment, AU

Assignment Task

Task 1 – Data Visualisation in Tableau

Detail Task 1

You have recently secured a position as an Junior data analyst at a Marine Biology research facility. The chief analyst has asked you to build and complete appropriate visualisations on the health of the King Crab populations within the seas surrounding Alaska. In doing so, the research facility can use your investigation to present to the states government officials the health of the King Crab population within the aforementioned geographical area, for Males (M), Female (F) and Infants (I) based upon differing variables.

Before the analysis can be conducted, ensure that all pre-processing has been undertaken on the data set and the data set is fully understood through initial descriptive statistics. For the main body of the analysis, you are to choose the most appropriate comparative visualisation charts, based upon the data. In doing so, this will allow visual insight into the overall analysis and appropriate meaningful solutions. The full investigation is to be conducted in Tableau.

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Task 2 – Data Visualisation report

Detail task 2

Based upon the completed data investigation in Task 1, you will now give a written and visually comprehensive report, through appropriate storytelling that can be easily understood by the government officials concerning the health of the King Crab population. Contained within, you will include full justification for your chosen visualisations, in addition to your motivation, investigations processes, results and conclusions.

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Learning Outcomes:

Evaluate various methods of data visualisation in terms of presenting data within contexts and its associated effectiveness. LO 1

Apply appropriate data visualisation techniques to visually represent a complex dataset. LO 2

Apply appropriate ‘story telling’ approaches to supplement visual Media. LO 3 Reflective Practitioner: Undertake critical analysis and reach reasoned and evidenced decisions, contribute problem-solving skills to find and innovate in solutions. LO 4

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