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Demonstrate how you install the workbench.

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This task, you are required to demonstrate the ability to implement a desktop virtualization solution. You need to 1) use VMware Workstation Player to load a Linux OS OR 2) use virtual box to load a Windows OS. Please note that you are only required to do one of them.

Specifically, you need to:

• Demonstrate how you install the workbench.

• Demonstrate how you load OS onto your workbench.

• Demonstrate the setting of your virtual desktop. To demonstrate the above processes, you need to use screenshots as well as explanations of these screenshots (e.g. why you ticked that box? Why set this to 2GB?).

Depending on the OS that you are loading, you need to do the following to demonstrate the setting of your virtual desktop:

• For windows, you need to provide a screenshot of System Information Window and explain the information on it.

• For Linux, you need to open up your terminal and type this command “sudo lshw -short”. Provide a screenshot of the terminal and then explain the information there.

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