DLES-LSM (Apr-2425) Individual Project Instructions: Legal systems and methods, Assignment, UOL

1. Nature of Project

You are required to select TWO (2) articles from ‘The Straits Times’ or ‘Singapore Law Watch (www.singaporelawwatch.sg)’ for your project. Please note that ONLY articles from these sources will be accepted.

Your TWO (2) articles MUST relate to the following topics:

Introduction to Law and Legal History
 Law and Morality, Legal System of Singapore
Sources of Law
The Structure of Our Courts
Judicial Precedent
Parliament – its Composition and Development
The Process of Making Law
The Executive
The Elected Presidency

However, your TWO (2) articles MUST NOT relate to the SAME topic; for example, you cannot submit TWO (2) articles on ‘Sources of Law’.
Publication dates: Your TWO (2) selected articles MUST be published on or after 1 JANUARY 2024. If any selected article was published prior to such date, marks will be heavily deducted.

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2. Objectives

The main objectives of this project are to heighten your awareness of the law and to encourage you to keep up with legal developments in the news. Through this project, you will hopefully realise that the law in fact evolves every day, and affects real people. For all of us to do well in a knowledge-based economy, it is necessary to keep up with the constant changes around us. The true measure of the success of this project is not in the grade you may eventually obtain but in whether you have truly internalised the need to keep up with change.

You must be able to identify the legal principles discussed in the TWO (2) articles and to show how they relate to the relevant topic(s)/area(s) of law

3. Layout

Use the attached Cover Page (found on page 4) as the first page of your project submission. Each of your TWO (2) articles must:

be neatly reproduced on one or more A4-sized pages; and
 clearly display the date, the source of the article and the topic that it is relevant to.

The write-up for each article must not exceed TWO (2) PAGES. Your project submission should therefore not exceed FOUR (4) PAGES IN TOTAL (excluding the Cover Page and printed/pasted/scanned articles).

4. Write-Up For each article, you are required to provide the following:

a. A summary, in your own words, of the contents of the article. You should also, apart from words, use other creative means such as flow charts, pictures, graphics, 3D representation, etc. where appropriate to assist you in communicating the contents of the article.
b. An analysis and discussion of the legal issues/principles raised in the article
and how the article has enhanced your understanding of the legal topics/ principles you have learnt in this subject.
c. TWO (2) questions that you have after reading the article (there is no need to provide the answersto these questions).
d. A glossary of TWO (2) new words that you came across in the article.

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6. Project Consultation

A project consultation session has been scheduled for you to consult your tutor on the project. Your tutor will let you have more details.

In order to obtain more effective feedback, you may wish to prepare a preliminary/ draft submission for at least ONE article and present it to your tutor at the project consultation session. Your tutor will then be able to give you more direct feedback on where improvementsto your work can be made, if any.

7. Late Submissions


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