Field experience

You are to observe children, all of the same age (ages 3-8), collect data on a minimum of 3 of the developmental areas (physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language, etc.).
One of the children must have been identified as having special needs and requiring accommodations. (Please do not use your own children or family members – it will be very difficult to be objective).
You may find it easier to keep a running record of activities, experiences, and observation details.

2. Describe the environment focusing on the elements of highly quality environment evident (or not), the basic make-up of the class as a whole, etc.

3. For each of the three children selected, describe the specific child, his/her areas of strength, areas of need, and provide a minimum of 2 accommodations that can be used to enhance areas of strength and 2 accommodations that can be used to meet the areas of need.


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Field experience
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