Final Paper is a research paper of 7-8 pages—including Works Cited page— in whic

Final Paper is a research paper of 7-8 pages—including Works Cited page— in which, using a non-formalist approach, you write on any one or two works of your choice we covered in class. This assignment requires that you think beyond formalist themes of plot, theme, point of view, setting, etc., and explore the work via a critical lens. For instance, should you wish to focus on the use of goth in Roald Dahl’s literature, specifically, the “Landlady,” then you will frame your paper around that relying on secondary sources from scholars (four sources minimum/six maximum).You might also wish to draw contrasting or comparative themes between the “Landlady” and “Way Up to Heaven,”  which means you’ll have to think about the way in which these stories share a single artistic vision in light of its author and what he sets about to explore in his writing. Again, this will require that you undertake research. You can also look at a work of literature such as “Battle Royal” in the context of a larger discussion on race and the “price of the ticket” (James Baldwin) blacks and immigrant groups pay to progress in society. In summation, whichever direction or work you explore is entirely your choice; however, I greatly suggest you begin this process sooner than later. I think by the end of March you should decide on a working topic. Lastly, you might wish to write comparatively/thematically on two poems on Louise Gluck or any of the poets listed; however, you will have to be sure your paper is properly structured and use the appropriate source material; the same applies should you wish to focus on the films: Get Out or Fences— Use only these films!