Final Project Discussion: Interaction of the Victim with the System of Criminal

Final Project Discussion: Interaction of the Victim with the System of Criminal Justice
For my final project, I would like to address everything concerning victimology and the victim’s minimal participation in the criminal process within the justice system. The primary victim of the crime can have an essential and leading role during the process. It is fair to say that the only interaction between the victim and the criminal justice system lies in their testimony and in the position of witnessing the events that occurred, intending to reach the clarification of the facts and without worrying in any way by the victim as such. However, interest in the concept of victim increased, to the extent that the investigators pointed out that the victim’s participation was enormous during the crime and that they even led to the commission of the facts on certain occasions.
Likewise, it is essential to mention the need to pay more and more attention to the victim, and no longer so much to the perpetrator, analyzing both individual behaviors and their relationship with the perpetrator, establishing patterns of behavior that prevent future crimes. In this way, the need arises to grant the victim’s actual participation during the process, giving new approaches to the interaction he/she has with the justice system and offering him/her a realistic and dynamic image, as an active subject and not as a mere object used to clarify the commission of the criminal act (Groombridge, 2016). This would help lay the foundations for the improvement and credibility of the victims, who are the first and most affected during the commission of a criminal act, and would help them to obtain data on the individuals who are victimized, including not only to the official victims but also to those who do not make a formal complaint.
Groombridge, Nic. “Hearing The Victim: Adversarial Justice, Crime Victims, And The State A. Bottoms And J.V.Roberts (Eds.). Cullompton: Willan (2010) 315Pp. £39.95Hb ISBN 978-1-84392-272-8 Victimology: Victimisation And Victims’ Rights L. Wolhuter, N. Olley And D. Denham. Abi”. The Howard Journal Of Criminal Justice, vol 51, no. 2, 2012, pp. 240-242. Wiley, doi:10.1111/j.1468-2311.2012.00714_2.x. Accessed 19 Mar 2021.
Please write the paper using references from my annotated bibliography, outline and any other sources you see fit based on the requirements of the paper
Each student will be required to complete a 10 to 12 page paper in APA format. The final project will address an approved subject covering Crime and Criminality within a specific crime problem from the community where you live. See attached rubric for grading expectations.
The paper will identify the topic following SARA procedures;
explain the history of the chosen issue
discuss how have the courts addressed the chosen issue
Using the criminological theories explain how and why this criminal activity has become an issue.
develop a departmental policy and procedure addressing the issue
Students will need to use learned “SARA” skills from other course work to complete this paper.
The student will use a minimum of 9 sources to complete their project. The references will include but are not limited to; 1 book, one journal article, one educational/scholarly website, and the remaining three can be of the student’s choice. Wikipedia and Angelfire have not been approved for use as sources for the paper. The use of these websites and others like it will not be counted, and the student will receive a 0 (zero) on the paper.

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Final Project Discussion: Interaction of the Victim with the System of Criminal
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