For this assignment, you are first going to find some instance in media of inter

For this assignment, you are first going to find some instance in media of interpersonal communication happening. Focus on ONE scene that features TWO people communicating. You can pick from any kind of media that interests you: a tv show, a movie, a book, a podcast, a news broadcast, a Youtube video, a TikTok, a comic, etc. Regardless of chosen medium, you want ONE scene with TWO people in it.
Your job for this paper is to demonstrate understanding of ONE theory, concept, or model from any of the resources you’ve been given for the class so far (including the optional 4th and 5th chapters). You’ll do that by both explaining the theory, concept, or model in your own words (you can quote the course materials, too, if you want, but you are showing me that you understand, not just regurgitating the text), and then by applying it to the media you’ve selected. What does this theory, concept, or model help you understand about the communication in the scene?
For example, you might be interested in nonverbal communication, so you pick proxemics as your concept. First, explain what proxemics is. Then you would look at the scene in question and explain how the characters are using space to communicate, and what you might learn about the scene or characters when you pay close attention to that aspect of their communication. Perhaps they are standing really far apart when they first start talking, but move closer together. Maybe they stand so that there is always a piece of furniture between them. What is the significance of that communication behavior?
1) a 3 page minimum paper 
your name, date, class, etc business at the top of the first page does NOT count towards your page numbers
you should be sure to explain some of the context of the scene you are analyzing and offer a description of what is happening – enough that I can reasonably understand your analysis
any outside sources should be properly cited (you do not need to cite our class materials)
MLA format (1″ margins, 12pt font, double-spaced)
To Get an A:
project is turned in on time and/or an extension has been negotiated prior to the due date
paper meets or exceeds minimum page length/presentation meets or exceeds minimum time
the context, background, and/or description of the scene to be analyzed is clear 
clearly explain the theory, concept, or model in your own words, demonstrating a clear understanding
offer an application of that theory, concept, or model that further demonstrates that understanding
ideas are organized and easy to follow, with some kind of informal introduction and conclusion