General format – Title page (1 page) + University, department, programme + type

General format
– Title page (1 page)
+ University, department, programme
+ type of the paper
+ title
+ name of the candidate, faculty number
+ name of the supervisor
– Declaration of authorship (1 page)
(the template can be downloaded from the link below)
– Abstract (1 page)
+ summary of the work in no more than 200 words
– Table of contents (1 page)
– Main text (between 15 and 25 pages)
+ introduction (5-7 pages):
introduction to the topic, definition of the key terms, definition
of the methods/instruments of investigation, brief overview of previour
research on the topic;
+ aims and hypotheses (1 page);
+ method (3-7 pages)
+ results (3-6 pages)
+ discussion and conclusion (3-5 pages)
– References
+ using APA or similar standard
– Appendices
+ here you can append (when appropriate) full sets of stimuli,
questionnaires, instructions in Bulgarian (or other languages), etc.
Format requirements
– Font: one of the following: Times New Roman 12 pt, Arial 11 pt, Calibri 11 pt, Verdana 10 pt
– Spacing: 1.5
– Margins: 2.5cm top, bottom, left and right
– Page numbers
– Subtitle numbers (1., 1.1, 1.1.1, etc)
+ add the statistics results and graphs from the ERP document and base the text around them
+ I have attached other citations (in the Studies document) that I would like you to use through the paper
+ I have attached a description of the methods and questionnaires that were used in the Short Description file