Go out and find a relevant secondary source to this week’s topics and tell us ab

Go out and find a relevant secondary source to this week’s topics and tell us about it. (We’re looking for articles, or book reviews, dealing with American evangelicalism and/or democratization between around 1790 to 1830.) You guys kind of did slavery to death last week, so lets not actively search for that topic this week (it will show up in your searches anyway).
So go to your favorite database to find scholary sources (I used JSTOR to pilot this assignment, but you could use GoogleScholar, WorldCat, ProjectMuse, etc.). Enter some of these terms into the search box:
Antebellum …
… Evangelicalism
… revivalism
“Charles G. Finney”
“Camp meeting”
“Second Great Awakening”
“Election of 1824”
“Compensation Act”
“American system”
“Henry Clay”
“John Quincy Adams”
“John C. Calhoun”
“Second Bank of the United States”
There are more that can be pulled from your own reading. You don’t need to limit yourself to my terms. You could do +politics +”New York” +antebellum or something like that. It’s a little early to worry about political parties if it’s possible to filter them out.
The ellipses (…) means that the term needs some sort of qualifier. So search emancipation “early republic.”
Make sure the article/reviews you choose deals with U.S. history, unless you can make a case for why it’s relevant.
Don’t use anything with Civil War in the title. We’ll get to that stuff later. We want early-nineteenth-century stuff right now.
On the same note don’t use anything that has a date range in the title beginning after 1830.
To meet expectation, your submission should be 1 page, double spaced, 1-inch margins, with 12pt type.