H.B. 3979 and Gov. Abbott’s banning of the use of “critical race theory” in the

H.B. 3979 and Gov. Abbott’s banning of the use of “critical
race theory” in the curriculum of public school, colleges, and
universities is highly controversial. Given that much of the Texas past has seen the
blight of racism in many forms in our government, education, housing, and other
aspects of life in Texas from before its founding as a state. It’s ironic
that the President and Congress have made “Juneteenth” a national
holiday given that Juneteenth marks the day that, some two years after the end
of the Civil War and the emancipation of slaves in the southern states,
African-Americans still were treated in much of Texas as slaves. They’d not been freed from their enslavement
by the government in Texas. Two years after the end of the Civil War, informed
the black citizens of Texas that they were free and actually had been for two
years but not given the rights until the U.S. Army came to Texas, learned that
the former slaves had not been informed of their emancipation, and forced Texas
officials to treat the former slaves as full citizens of the United States and
the State of Texas. And many Whites in Texas continued to deny the full
fruits of freedom to African-Americans
in many, ways, by law and by custom. That is the controversy and that is how
you should approach your research. There are numerous articles about this
in Texas and national newspapers and magazines. I’ve provided you with
articles that detail the bill, the actions of the Governor, and the overall
controversy. Also, discuss the origins of the “critical race
theory” in the academic in the U.S. recently (and why Republicans in the
South particularly, oppose its teaching). Why is there such vehement
opposition? Is it racism? Is it to appeal to white supremacists
voters? Address questions such questions and others that are addressed in
these articles.
Your paper must meet a minimum word count of 1,200 words. Type the word count at the bottom of your
paper. You will be penalized for a word
count under 1,200 words. Follow the
instructions on the submission site for turning in your paper. It is due NO LATER THAN 11:59 p.m. on July 6
(Tuesday night).

H.B. 3979 and Gov. Abbott’s banning of the use of “critical race theory” in the
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