Hello everyone, You will access your textbook and search for a topic of interest

Hello everyone,
You will access your textbook and search for a topic of interest to write your research paper, and you will use this topic rather than a topic I would choose. I am giving you the autonomy to write/investigate about a topic that is related to the class, presented, discussed/explained in the textbook and of your interest. This is a scientific research paper; therefore, you must follow the APA guidelines.
This is only a general guide if you need to learn how to start writing a literature Review or scientific research.
It varies according to the theme and topic, and required version, in this case, you will be following the student version with the distinction of including and abstract page. No copy and paste are allowed as it cannot be accepted, and Turnitin reports the similarity, and if it is above the acceptance range, it is penalized as plagiarism. Your similarity should not be higher than 20-23%.
A good topic to develop your work could be Evidence-based therapies for specific disorders.
The paper must have five pages of content following APA 7th format and guidelines. 
The cover page (1) or Presentation page must consist of the following:
Title Page following APA 7th edition guidelines for student’s paper.
Next page – Abstract page (1) Is a paragraph (at least eight lines) 
Content pages (5) this is what you find after doing the literature research and your personal opinions.
Reference page (1). Make sure it is written using the name of the journals, books, or any proper reference. 
Total Pages: seven; cover/title page, five content pages, reference page.
In addition, it must be typed using APA 7th edition format, Times New Roman, and font 12. Double spaced, proper use of headings, correct text-inter-text citations.
Research findings from a Database to support your information. It includes at least three (3) academic/scholarly journals (Primary Sources) from journals in Psychology.
You must upload your paper in word format. I will not accept nor evaluate documents that are uploaded as pdf documents.
If you need guidance with writing your essay, please contact the writing studio staff for assistance with your APA format.