Here is the link to the article to be critiqued,  Parental Smoking and Risk of C

Here is the link to the article to be critiqued, 
Parental Smoking and Risk of Childhood-onset Type 1 Diabetes – PMC ( 
doi: 10.1097/EDE.0000000000000911
Attached is a template for the powperpoint presentation (highly recommeded). And additional instructions below for guidance. Rubric is also attached (please follow it precisely) 
Introduction of the article, including the title, publication date, journal, author(s) and affiliations, funding source, intended audience, and type of study. How might the funding source impact (potentially bias) the study?
Background & Purpose of the study includes a general background on the topic discussed, going beyond a recitation of the information provided in the paper’s introduction. Students are expected to perform an additional literature review and cite at least 3 additional sources. The purpose of the additional literature review is to summarize previous and/or subsequent work on the topic. Be selective and try to identify key articles. For example, is there a systematic or scoping review on the topic? Consider the context, why the study was done, and what it attempts to add to the literature. What were the research aims?
Discussion and evaluation of the analytical methods used.
Overview of the results. It is recommended that students discuss the figures/tables presented in the paper. If there are multiple figures/tables, students may be selective about which they consider to be most relevant. For large or complex tables, students may create pared-down summary tables of key results rather than showing the entire table.
Identification of study strengths & limitations (both those cited by the authors and the student’s own thoughts about the study). This can be incorporated into other parts of the presentation (sources of bias or critique of methods).
6.    How could the study impact public health practice?