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Strong beginnings and endings have the ability to persuade readers to read through an essay and to believe the writer’s argument. Spend time crafting, revising, and editing the introductory paragraph.
The Introductory Paragraph should include all the most interesting highlights. Remember while a movie trailer attempts to attract the viewer through visual means, the introductory paragraph attempts to attract the reader through powerful images in words:
Begin with the topic you wrote about in the Week 2 Discussion.
Create a strong hook. 
Add at least 2-3 sentences of the most interesting supporting details and/or evidence. Use evidence/quote sandwiches and/or explainer sentences if needed.
Revise your thesis statement from the Week 3 Assignment and add it as the last sentence in the introduction.
Submit the Introductory Paragraph in one MSWord document. Please add the thesis statement to the top of the document and hand it all in by 11:59 PM EST Sunday, Week 5.
Review the rubric here. 
CO1; CO2; CO3; CO4; CO5
Due on Jun 9, 2024 11:59 PM
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