How and where do we see the lasting impacts of colonialism in todays world?

How and where do we see the lasting impacts of colonialism in todays world?People in hundreds of places around the world experienced the impacts of colonialism dating to the dawn of the Age of Sail (c. 1450CE). Both physical and human geography shaped the colonial experience- and how the formerly colonized see themselves today. Around the world, in the postcolonial era, the peoples of these once-colonized places struggle with its legacy.


In a 3-page (800 words minimum) essay, please address the following prompt: How and where do we see the lasting impacts of colonialism in todays world?


To effectively answer this question, you will need to clearly define both colonialism and postcolonialism as we have discussed it in class. You want to call out the historical geography of these places specifically: when and where did colonizers colonize? Why there? Is there notable context to these colonial choices? Be sure to make connections between the places physical geography (physiography, resources, climate, etc.) and the colonial effort in that place. The human geography should not be overlooked: Which cultures were colonized? Who were the colonizers? Was there resistance?

Most importantly, what are the lasting human impacts to the people of these places now that the colonizers are gone? What are they struggling with? Why does it matter?


This will be a traditional 5-part essay: an introductory paragraph, three supporting paragraphs with specific examples, and a concluding
Your introductory paragraph should clearly define both colonialism and postcolonialism as we have come to understand them in this course. Be sure to explain why we study this in GEOG110: World Geography.
Your body paragraphs should be dedicated to a full discussion of colonialism in each place. Identify the places and their realms as well as who colonized them. Make sure to include the challenges they face today as a result of colonial actions.
The closing paragraph should reflect on the impact colonialism has had on peoples lived What is the lasting legacy now that the colonizers are gone?
Three distinct places must be highlighted; all three places must be in different realms.
The paper should NOT address neocolonial action (any NEW colonial activity within the last 50 years) and should NOT address places that are still colonized

demonstrate an up-to-date knowledge of world regions, the variety and complexity of the
world’s cultural mosaic, and recognize geography as a synthesizing or bringing together
discipline, bridging the social and physical sciences [Social Science] (GEOG110LG1)
analyze situations from the perspective of people in other nations and cultures and recognize
how value systems differ from place to place around the globe [Diversity] (GEOG110LG2)

900+ words (~3 pages)
Organization: clear introductory paragraph; three supporting paragraphs using specific examples and evidence; a closing paragraph with reflection
Clearly address the prompt
Demonstrates thorough revision and incorporates peer and instructor feedback
Utilizes appropriate college-level grammar, punctuation, and mechanics
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  • How and where do we see the lasting impacts of colonialism in todays world?
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How and where do we see the lasting impacts of colonialism in todays world?
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