HRM375: Design and create a complete set of suitable interview questions relevant to the job position of Executive: Interviewing Techniques Assignment, SUSS

Section B
Answer all questions in this section.

Question 2

HR recruitment interviews are used to gather data with integrity to enable interviewers to make objective and informed hiring decisions. During our HRM375 seminars, we discussed at length, the fundamentals of interviewing covering topics such as the various interview types, structures and styles. We discussed effective communication, questioning, and listening skills. Among other topics, we also reviewed the common biases that often creep into recruitment interviews and the strategies we can adopt to overcome such biases.

This section of your ECA requires you to apply the theories and techniques taught in this course. You are required to design an interview plan, conduct a recruitment interview and evaluate your performance as an interviewer.

Assume you are the recruitment manager working in the largest local bank in
Singapore. You have been with the Human Resource (HR) department for seven (7) years and working with the same HR Director since you started. The department is a stable one with a strong team spirit. The Performance Management division within the HR department is expanding and you have been tasked to recruit an Executive.

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The responsibilities and requirements for the position are as follows:

Executive Performance Management, HR.

Job Role:
Conducts industry market analysis and comparisons with regard to performance management and rewards.
Performs data analytics and presents the results to senior members of the team.
Helps conduct performance management from the start of the cycle to the end of the cycle.
Ensures accuracy in the records and record keeping of all data relating to performance and compensation.

Key Accountabilities:

Conducts industry benchmarking and market analysis:  gathers, analyses and compares the Bank’s performance management against  other industry Banks’ performance management.
Performs data analytics from the market analysis.
Makes recommendations based on data analysis to the senior team members in HR.
Develops messages and methods to inform employees about performance reviews and timelines.
Creates and updates frequently asked questions and responses on performance management matters for employees’ use.
Gathers feedback from employees for the continual review and improvement of the performance management.
Records action plans and assessment results of all employees and forwards the same for Business Units further action.
Reviews followup actions accordingly.
Checks annual bonus and increment reports to ensure accuracy.
Annually reviews contract terms with external vendors  who provide the system and services of the performance management system.


University degree in HR from a reputable University.
Minimum 2 years’ relevant working experience in the Banking industry.
Ability to work well under pressure both in a team  environment as well as independently.
Strong written and spoken English language skills.
Strong analytical skills.
Strong stakeholder management skills.
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Question 2a

Design an interview plan

Design and create a complete set of suitable interview questions relevant to the job position of Executive, Performance Management, Human Resources. When you design your suitable interview questions, consider the need to elicit the required KSAOs your candidate needs to possess to perform the role. You may use the following template:
Question 2b

Practical application: Conduct the Zoom interview.

Using the set of interview questions you designed in 
Question 1, carry out your interview via Zoom in gallery view setup. Keep in mind the various interviewing techniques covered in this course. The duration of the panel interview must not exceed fifteen (15) minutes.

The Zoom interview session must be recorded with a gallery view setup in MP4 format. Please use a free Zoom account to record in the gallery view, as the SUSS account has restricted this function. During the Zoom session, select the “View” to “Gallery” mode before recording the session.

What is Gallery View recording?

Question 2c

Reflection piece

Critique your performance as an interviewer. What did you do well and what were the areas lacking
in extracting pertinent data you were seeking to unearth from your candidate.



You may ask a friend, colleague or relative to be your interviewee, as long as they can commit to the 15minute interview. Refrain from asking any other HRM375 student to be your interviewee.

Create and submit a consent form signed by your interviewee and append this as an appendix.

Remember to use your free personal Zoom account to set up the Zoom meeting as the SUSS Zoom account does not support the recording function.

The word limit is final and there is no buffer or allowance. Your Marker will cease reading and marking beyond the word limit.

Marks will be deducted for the following:

(1) A 10-mark deduction will apply respectively to:

Students who exceed the interview duration of 15 minutes.
Students who fail to record the Zoom interview session with
a gallery view setup.
Students who submit edited interview recording instead of
the original recording.
Students whose interviewees are other HRM375 students.
Students who fail to append the signed consent form.

(2) A 30-mark deduction will apply to:

Students who fail to upload in Canvas, the Zoom 
interview session with a gallery setup in MP4 format.
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