HUM 410 Module 3 Discussion Question

Formal writing style is very different from our everyday speech patterns. What differences have you noticed between your daily conversational style and academic writing?

Formal writing style is typically characterized by its adherence to certain conventions, including a more formal vocabulary, avoidance of contractions, and careful attention to grammar and punctuation. In general, formal writing is used in more serious contexts, such as academic papers or business correspondence. However, there is no one “correct” way to write formally. Each writer must decide what level of formality is appropriate for the specific context and audience. There are a few things to keep in mind when writing formally: -Use of a more formal vocabulary: avoiding slung and informal language in the course of writing. Use of words that are specific and precise instead of vague or general terms (Huang & Ren, 2020). And finally, -Avoidance of contractions.

There are a few key ways in which formal writing style differs from our everyday speech patterns. For one, Formal writing is generally more minimized and concise compared to speech; this means that one may want to avoid any sort of superfluous language or fillers that tend to sneak their way into conversation. Additionally, Formal writing generally employs a lower density of adjectives and adverbs than speech does; instead, accurate nouns and strong verbs are used to anchor description (Huang & Ren, 2020). This can make Formal writing seem colder or less friendly at times, but it ultimately contributes to a more serious and measured tone. Another way that Formal writing style differs from speech is in the usage of contractions; while we often use contractions in speech, academic writing is quite different when it comes to the use of this style.

The main difference I have noticed between my daily conversational style and academic writing is the level of formality. In academic writing, I use a more formal tone and language than I would in everyday conversation. I also pay more attention to sentence structure and word choice in academic writing, which can make my writing sound more sophisticated. Additionally, I often cite sources in academic papers, something that I rarely do in casual conversation.


Huang, Y., & Ren, W. (2020). A novel multidimensional analysis of writing styles of editorials from China Daily and The New York Times. Lingua235, 102781.

Reference no: EM132069492

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