HUM 410 Module 8 Discussion Aspen

Going back to school for my Master of Science in Nursing has been on my mind since I finished my bachelor’s degree in 2016. I can confidently state that returning to academia was a wise move since being registered in this course made me realize how quickly and how much I had missed in the previous years. One of the reasons it took way too long to make a decision was because the courses were all accessible online. Even though I am somewhat computer savvy, I preferred a conventional classroom setting.

This course, on the other hand, has taught me how to manage my phobia of taking online courses. It was simple to browse, and there were several materials accessible to assist me when I needed them. The training was fairly self-explanatory, and each section allowed us get more comfortable with the website and how to investigate our subjects using various tools and databases. One of the things I have always battled with is writing, particularly in the manner of the American Psychological Association. This course has given me a greater understanding of the APA style, from its fundamentals to how to use it in professional and technical writing. It has presented me with a variety of materials throughout the last several weeks. I want to utilize these resources in my next courses.

My language, spelling, and sentence structuring skills have all improved as a result of this training. One of the exercises taught me how to recognize often misunderstood terms and when to utilize them. For instance, “one ought not to use contractions in APA style,” for example (Scholarly Voice) (Scholarly Voice, n.d). Every week, each lesson, brought something new to the table. Each module was allocated to a certain section of the paper, which was beneficial since putting the complete paper together at the conclusion of the semester was not daunting. Working on certain sections of the paper each week encouraged me to use my critical reasoning skills to choose and discover acceptable materials for that section. I have also learnt how to properly examine, synthesize, and summarize the sources for my paper.

This course not only teaches us how to write a formal paper, but it also covers a wide range of topics. For example, it provided me suggestions on how to overcome writer’s block throughout the discussion board tasks. I also learnt new tactics, such as timed vs. formal writing, that I want to use. I plan to use all of the abilities I gained in this course in the future, and I intend to add to the list with talents I learn in future courses.


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Module 8 Discussion

Please consider how you have developed the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable your achievement of the course goals listed in the syllabus. Then write a minimum of 400 words describing how this course has helped you achieve these outcomes. Please be sure to reply to at least two of your classmates.

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