I already have an article to review linked below. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/05/1

I already have an article to review linked below.
1. Choose a current events news article.
It must be a news article with an author and publication date, published in the last year. The more recent, the better. DO NOT choose an article based on a search for “freedom”. It is very difficult for the student to MAKE a connection when they believe it is implicit in the title/topic of the article itself. Find a NEWS article.
It must NOT be: an opinion piece, a dictionary or encyclopedia entry, from a personal blog or an unknown organization’s Web page, or a scholarly journal article (if you have questions regarding this, please ask about the article you believe you have chosen).
2. Provide the professor with either a .pdf of the article or a hyperlink that will take one directly to the story. This can be provided on the reference page.
3. Write a review of the article.
What your review should look like:
Your review should have THREE PARTS
PART I: Summarize the article (SHORT summary – do NOT re-write the entire thing).
PART II: Make a connection between the content of the article and the concept of the freedom as presented by the course.
PART III: Respond to the article. What was your initial reaction to the event/reporting? What topics did you start thinking about while reading the article?
PLEASE WRITE to the Rubric below…Don’t just read the Full Credit column either. You could BELIEVE you are writing in a manner that should earn full credit, but you may not be. The other columns in the rubric have been written to account for common mistakes of former students.
You can earn up to 100 points – and these will be reflected in the rubric.
However, you can also LOSE points. Deductions will be made if the additional instructions below are not followed.
Additional instructions
Cite your sources within the text. Anything that is not your original idea needs to be cited, NOT just direct quotes. WHEN YOU ARE SUMMARIZING YOUR ARTICLE, please CITE!
Include an APA formatted reference page
Double-space your work, use multiple paragraphs, and indent your paragraphs a full half inch
Use college-level writing with proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax
Avoid the use of “you” (in any form)
Avoid the use of contractions (like “can’t” instead of “cannot”).
Save the essay as a Word document or PDF and Submit by Sunday 11:59pm.
The paper will go through Turnitin’s similarity index.
If you have any questions, please contact me! It is YOUR responsibility to understand what is being asked. If my instructions need clarification, please let me know!

I already have an article to review linked below. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/05/1
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