I will post link below to the news article to use for the discussion and the fil

I will post link below to the news article to use for the discussion and the file for requirements for this post. Right now I will post examples of other students and try to follow their format
The U.S. Constitution was last ratified in 1992. Our world is changing constantly, including people’s personal interest and opinions. Do you believe we are to see amendments in the future to be add to our Constitution? Why or why not?
Due to the changes daily and the drive for human rights has been consistent. I feel as though we will see a proposed amendment that has to do with equal education. This amendment will drive to get rid of money distribution, equal funding to schools from the government, and more available resources to the schools and the students attending. Through this amendment I predict a growth in more students and schools because the lower income schools will have more and better sources provided to them.
Source: https://www.annenbergpublicpolicycenter.org/what-should-be-the-28th-amendment-to-the-constitution-students-have-ideas/
Should we be outraged by another country if it violates what we consider a basic right?
In America, we delight in everyday freedoms like the ability to own property, the right to make a living and to live life respectfully on our own terms. What would happen if those natural rights are targeted? We, as a people, would be outraged and protest, but unfortunately that’s not always an option in another country. Currently, women are being prosecuted in Afghanistan under the Taliban government. They are being forced to cover themselves completely while out in public and their male family members face penalties for possible dress codes. Young girls are only allowed to attend school through 6th grade, further hampering the possibility of higher education. “Islamic principles and Islamic ideology are more important to us than anything else.” Shir Mohammad, an official from the minister, was quoted as saying.
This came as a particular blow to the women who, for the past twenty years, had enjoyed more personal freedoms with the initial lifting of the Taliban back in 2001. When the U.S. pulled their troops from the country, the Taliban regained control and has since then resumed the restrictions on women’s rights. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for Pangea, the Italian operation that was pivotable in the acclimation of freedom for these women. Now that these women know what basic human rates are, they are once more being forced to bow once again to an erratic force.
Source: https://apnews.com/article/afghanistan-taliban-49b17d77d03022ad4817eeecf4f5da93 
The news article I would like for you to use is this one: https://www.politico.com/interactives/2021/covid-by-the-numbers-how-each-state-fared-on-our-pandemic-scorecard/