I would like this essay to based on three main social cognitive mechanisms (if y

I would like this essay to based on three main social cognitive mechanisms (if you have others in mind, I welcome your idea) the Mere Exposure effect, schema, & memory. i have already began writing the research paper, however you do not have to continue from where I left of! The main idea to get across is simply, How do cognitive mechanisms develop and how is it altering the persons sense of reality! We are to use at least 10 peer reviewed sources! 
The following are the exact instructions: This is a semester long paper, and will be graded as such. What does that mean? It should be clear you have put in the level of work (e.g., searching for, finding, and reading many empirical articles. Then making sense out of the previous research and how you can use it to prove your argument, or teach your reader something. Criticize (pros and cons) what has been done, and then use those “criticisms” to suggest future research that can build upon what has already been done. How do you write a great empirically based review paper? Here’s how: you should go “in depth” about at least 10 empirical articles. You should be able to say what they predicted (i.e., hypothesis), what they did (methods section), what they found (results section), and why we care or what it proves (discussion section). One to two sentences (as best you can) for each part of the above “recipe”. Lastly, point out the pros/cons of what each experimental procedure did/found/interpreted that you feel are important to your research/argument/point. Then, in the conclusion section (we call it the “discussion” section), sum up what you’ve investigated and found, remind us of the pros/cons (briefly, all of this in 2-4 paragraphs at most), and then, based on what you’ve learned (and taught the reader), make a few suggestions for what future research can do to better understand the area your paper covered (in as detailed of a fashion as you can, while, again, remaining reasonably brief). This does not mean to make 10 mini-papers. It should read, and be formatted, like an APA review article you are submitting for publication.
Topics covered in class (I can provide slideshow for every topic+articles if needed) Are on the Syllabus