IC Contact Application and Analysis Paper This assignment asks that you write a paper to increase your own efforts at achieving intercultural sensitivity and encourage you to

IC Contact Application and Analysis Paper

This assignment asks that you write a paper to increase your own efforts at achieving intercultural sensitivity and encourage you to learn about different cultures, individuals, and groups and apply relevant concepts/theories from the class and your text to discuss and explain the relevance and importance in the “real world.”. Essays are assigned to encourage you to reflect on your personal experiences with intercultural communication as you proceed through this course and what new understanding about yourself have you gotten now that you have taken this course. ALL papers have the same page and research requirements.

Format:                    Length 3–5 pages; a typewritten, well-proofread, APA-style analytical paper, including a cover sheet and reference page.

Essays are graded on 1) your ability to apply theories, ideas, and terms from class reading and discussion;

2) clarity and articulation of these ideas; and

3) Incorporate a minimum of 3 academic sources and APA and references.

Comparing Own Cultural/Ethnic Values and Communication Norms

This assignment asks you to explore the potential effects of the cultural values of your own cultural/ethnic group and the communication norms of a selected other cultural/ethnic group on potential culture shock encounters between you and members of that other culture. How have

your values changed/adapted/reinforced over time? What influences them? For the paper, you are to select another culture or cultural group (friend, colleague, romantic partner, or just about the culture you are just curious about) and researchthe cultural and communication norms and patterns that are dominant in that culture. You will also need to assess your own cultural/ethnic values and communication patterns and determine the degree to which you are a “typical” or “atypical” member of your culture or cultural group.

After you have completed both of the above, you are ready to write your paper. The paper should identify and describe the most significant cultural value dimensions and communication norms that you believe would influence your intercultural communication with members of the culture or cultural group you have selected. Your explanation and analysis should suggest how cultural values and communication norms might lead to intercultural misunderstandings and how they might be managed competently or flexibly.

Let me emphasize that the paper does not simply describe another culture’s cultural values and communication norms. Instead, it should focus on the comparative analysis and the intercultural communication implications of the two cultural groups. You should use either Hofstede’s cultural value dimensions or Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck’s value orientation patterns (see Chapter 3; see also Chapter 5) as the theoretical framework for this comparative analysis. Browse Chapters 6 and 7 to help you get ideas on the communication norms/patterns section. If you’re interested in ethnic diversity and differences in U.S. culture, consult Chapter 4 on cultural and ethnic identities and apply some concepts.

A possible outline of your paper might look something like this:

I. Two cultural profiles: Describe the two cultures selected and explain your selection interest.

II. Cultural values analysis: Own culture versus the comparative culture + relevant examples

III. Important verbal and nonverbal communication norms/patterns: Between the two cultures

IV. Intercultural communication implications: From misunderstanding to understanding

V. REFERENCES: Source cites; use at least three to five credible sources.

GRADING CRITERIA: Well-organized paper format/breadth and depth of research + clear explanation/connection between ICC theory and application / informative analysis and new insights gained / persuasive and cogent writing style.

Reference no: EM132069492

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