Imagine you are on a district English learner (EL) committee tasked with creatin

Imagine you are on a district English learner (EL) committee tasked with creating materials for a session to provide teachers with background concerning laws or court decisions that have had a significant impact on the education of English learners. Research the following court decisions and laws: Court Decisions: Lau v. Nichols (1974) Castañeda v. Pickard (1981) Plyler v. Doe (1982) Flores v. Arizona (2000) Federal Laws: Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Title III Title VI Arizona State Laws: Arizona Proposition 203 Arizona House Bill 2010 Arizona House Bill 2064 Arizona Senate Bill 1014 Consider reviewing this week’s University Library resources for research purposes. Select one court decision, one federal law, and one state law that you feel have had the greatest impact on English learner education. Write an 875- to 1,050-word paper in which you: Write an overview of the historical background of the court decision, federal law, and state law you selected. Explain what impact the court decision you selected had on the policies and laws governing language instruction in Arizona. Explain what impact the federal law you selected had on accountability, assessment, funding, and identification in EL education. Explain what impact the Arizona state law you selected has on language acquisition methodology, student grouping, and the time frame to achieve language proficiency.