In your Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, locate the information about ‘citations in text’ and ‘reference examples’

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The American Psychological Association is one of the organizations that have their preferred writing style in terms of paper formatting, citations, and references. Even though there have been revisions to the guidelines over the years, the preferred basics have largely remained the same (“APA,” 2020). The implication is that whenever a writer decides to use the American Psychological Association writing style, then there is a need to pay attention to the finest of details regarding the writing style so that they get it right. The advantage is that the American Psychological Association has its publication manual having aspects of the referencing style. As such, a writer can use the same as a guide.

            Among the aspects that need attention are “citations in-text” and “reference example.” From the APA’s latest manual, there are various rules to follow when doing in-text citations and references. The in-text has to be within the body of the paper and must use the author’s name and the publication date to correctly site the author; (author’s name, year of publication). The importance of in-text citation is that it gives whoever reads the work an easier time locating the entry in the references list at the end of the paper (“APA,” 2020). It is important to remember that the author’s name used in-text is the surname and that suffixes should be avoided.

The other aspect is the reference list. The reference list appears at the end of the paper. Referencing is an important aspect as it serves as evidence of crediting the contribution of the scholars whose writings have formed part of the current write-up. Therefore an accurate and consistent citation is needed to allow for future identification and retrieval (“APA,” 2020). References can either be categorized as an online media group, audio-visual media group, data sets, software and tests group, and textual workgroup.


American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. American Psychological Association.

Reference no: EM132069492

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