Instructions For this assignment, I will be giving you data and you will design

For this assignment, I will be giving you data and you will design your own dashboard (i.e. there will be no video showing you how to build the dashboard. You will need to come up with what you think are the best metrics and the best way to display them). I’ve attached screenshots of several call center dashboard ideas in the spreadsheet to help give you some ideas. You may also google “call center dashboards” to get ideas. You also may need to search online for what are key metrics for call centers (often called KPI’s for Key Performance Indicators).
The file to use is: Call-Center – Data for Dashboard – Raw Data.xlsx Download Call-Center – Data for Dashboard – Raw Data.xlsx (This file contains one month of data (1,772 calls) from a call center).
The scenario is the following:
You work for Cool Call Center Services. Companies contract with Cool to answer their phones and provide customer support to their customers. A large appliance store (think Sears before they went bankrupt) has contracted with Cool to answer customer questions about various appliances. Your job is to build a dashboard so that the Call Center can monitor their performance.
In order to develop your dashboard, you will need to add the following columns:
Call duration (in seconds)
Time of day
Day of the week (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wed, etc)
Week of the year (i.e. week number)
I’ve created a video showing you how to create those measures at (Links to an external site.)
Note, however, that that video DOES NOT show you how to create the dashboard (you will need to do that).
Please make sure your completed dashboard includes the following elements:
At least 3 textboxes
At least 3 other charts or graphs (these can be a chart, graph, or table)
Please include at least 3 filters or slicers that control the entire dashboard
While you may look at the dashboards of others for inspiration and ideas, you need to build this dashboard yourself.
You will also please upload a 1-2 page MS Word document that answers the following questions:
Why you chose the metrics that you did and why are these important for a call center?
According to these metrics (the ones listed above), which area is doing the best and which is doing the worst? (Please explain your thinking–don’t just say “Department 1 is doing the worst.”)
Which individual would you say is doing the best and doing the worst (and why).
If you were the manager of this call center, where would you focus your improvement effort?
If you modeled your dashboard after one you found online, please list its URL in this Word document and why you found it helpful.
Formatting Stuff (for the Word document):
Be sure to include your name in the Word document
Please use an 11pt font with one-inch margins
I don’t particularly care about single- vs 1.5 vs double-spaced–just take sufficient space to answer the questions.
If you find it helpful to include a table or chart in the writeup (to help explain your thinking), feel free to include it and it won’t count against the 2 pages (so if it goes over because of this, that is fine).
Please put page numbers in the bottom right corner

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For this assignment, I will be giving you data and you will design
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