Instructions: Please answer the following questions to demonstrate your understa

Please answer the following questions to demonstrate your understanding of evaluation concepts, the purposes of evaluation, and various evaluation models. Provide concise and clear responses to each question. Your submission should be written as an essay in APA 7th ed. format. Each part should be a section of the paper and each point within the section should be one paragraph (minimum). Each section of the paper mush have a minimum of 2 sources cited within it. You may use sources from the course as well as external sources. Be sure all responses are complete. 
Part 1: Define Evaluation (10 points)
Define “evaluation” in the context of program management and assessment. 
Part 2: The Purpose of Evaluation (30 points)
Explain the primary purposes of evaluation. 
Distinguish between formative and summative evaluation. Provide examples of when each type might be used.
How does evaluation support evidence-based decision-making within organizations? 
Part 3: Evaluation Models (40 points)
Describe Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Model. What are the four levels, and what does each level assess? 
Provide an overview of the CIPP Model. Explain what each component (Context, Input, Process, Product) represents in this model.
Briefly explain the Logic Model and how it is used in the evaluation process.
Name and describe one additional evaluation model not covered in the module. 
Part 4: Short Scenarios (20 points)
For each scenario, identify whether formative or summative evaluation would be more appropriate, and explain why.
Scenario 1: A company has just introduced a new training program for its employees to improve customer service skills. They want to ensure the program is effective and make necessary improvements before rolling it out to all employees.
Scenario 2: A non-profit organization has been running a literacy program for three years. They want to assess the overall impact of the program on participants’ reading abilities and determine whether it should continue to receive funding. 
Scenario 3: A government agency is implementing a new environmental conservation policy. They want to evaluate the policy’s effectiveness in reducing carbon emissions over the next decade. 
Total: 100 points
Grading Rubric:
90-100 points: Excellent understanding of evaluation concepts and models.
70-89 points: Good understanding, with minor gaps in knowledge.
50-69 points: Adequate understanding but with significant gaps in knowledge.
Below 50 points: Limited understanding of evaluation concepts and models.