Journal 1 (10%) Topic: Canadian Migration Trends This assignment is due at the e

Journal 1 (10%)
Topic: Canadian Migration Trends
This assignment is due at the end of Week 2 on Sunday at 11:59pmm. Please post the assignment on the Discussion Board under Journal 1 Canadian Migration Trends. Please no not post your journal as an attachment. Copy and paste Journal 1 onto the Discussion Board.
About Citations:
You must provide in-text citations whenever you quote from the readings/film. For example, if you are citing The Concubine’s Children, you must provide are in-text reference like this (Chong, 21). Since your journal post is based only on the course readings, you do not need to include a works cited/reference page. Note: DO NOT use any source other than the readings/films provided on SLATE for the assignment. However, if you do use external sources other than the ones provided, you must include both in-text citations and a reference page for those sources. The use of AI is strictly prohibited and will be considered a breach of academic integrity. 
Journal 1 should be written in essay format with an introductory paragraph and a conclusion. Be specific and include examples from the readings/film.
Assignment Instructions:
Write an essay of 400-500 words in which you discuss the following questions:
In The Concubine’s Children, Denise Chong explores how laws, policies, and attitudes affect the everyday lives of ordinary people like her grandparents. Explain how the Chinese Exclusion Law and anti-asian sentiment impact her grandparents, May-ying and Chan Sam. Provide specific examples from the reading to support your claim.
Helga Kurtz-Harder Mills describes the refugee women in “Breaking the Barriers” as courageous. Pick two women from this reading and explain how they exhibit courage.
Denise Chong writes about her grandfather, Chan Sam, who came to Canada in the early 1900s. She describes his experiences as an immigrant – his difficulties finding a job, his feelings of isolation and homesickness, his attempts to stay connected to his homeland, and his determination to make Canada his home. Compare the experiences of Chan Sam to those of the international students in the Week 1 documentary Far From Home. In what ways are they similar? In what ways are they different?  Refer to both texts (Chong’s The Concubine’s Children and Far From Home) in your response.
Respond to the posting of one of your colleagues in the course by commenting only on that colleague’s response to question 3. Did you colleague provide sufficient evidence to document their position? What are the strengths of your colleague’s posting?