Login into Stock track with this link https://www.stocktrak.com/dashboard/stand

Login into Stock track with this link
Username: Ldiaz291
Pasword: Leonardo0923@
any problems let me know
Under transaction history you will see all the trades that i had made(you dont have to make new trades)
Under transaction history you will see a note for each individual trade; some of them are longer than others. those notes are very important when answering the questions on the project. If you feel that i wrote almost nothing youre welcome to add more so the project gets better. Those 5 trades below are very important and i have creaated notes for them. If you dont see enough info in the notes please add it yourself. Please read instfructions carefully as the professor is very strict. Thank you !!!
Critically analyze the gains or losses in the report for each trade.
if you have any questions about stock track or anything just let me know thanks a lot !!!
Save the final report as LastName_FirstName.doc
Upload/attach the files in the Assignments folder under the Trading Project
The final report should be professional containing pages in this order
a title page
a table of contents page with titles and page number
an introduction – give a background, your motivation or how you planned to start trading
Each section should have a title, sub-titles (if any) and must written in paragraphs
discuss five important trades (should be one from each of these five categories)
buy/sell call option
buy/sell put option
an option spread – bull/bear/calendar, straddle or any combination
buy/sell futures – currency/interest rate/index/commodity/future option
buy/sell spots
conclusion – see below
a page for references
include charts, figures or any visual tools to convey the rationale as to why you made the trade
page numbers on each page at the bottom
Your final course paper should be at least 7-8 pages (double-spaced) paper where you will discuss the rationale of at least the five most important trades one from each of the five categories listed above. Critically analyze the gains or losses. This 7-8 pages does not include title page, table of contents, appendices, etc.
Conclusion: Should include a statement about what you learned from the experience and what you would have done differently had you taken this course before taking part in the exercise
You can use as many graphs or charts to explain the trades you made or the technical indicators used in making the trades. The charts and graphs do not count towards to 7-8 page written report.
Give a list of the references at the end of the report. The references can be news articles, data sources used, even video links or programs that you watched. Any information that is relevant in you trading decision can be listed in the references.
LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE PENALIZED 10% of project grade reduced for each hour of late submission

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