MATH 225N Week 7 Discussion: Final Review

MATH 225N Week 7 Discussion: Final Review

MATH 225N Week 7 Discussion: Final Review

Your “primary” means of Reviewing for the Final Exam is facilitated through that “extra” link in the Week 8 area of the Syllabus which leads to the Math 225 Week 8 Knewton Final Exam Review Center.

It is by first clicking on that link that you pursue your “primary” means / method to Review for the Week 8 Knewton Final Exam.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this as I don’t want any class members to be confused about what has been provided to assist you all with Reviewing for the Week 8 Knewton Final Exam including Reviewing between attempt one and attempt two if two attempts are allowed.

Thanks Friends and Good Luck !!

I really appreciate your Final Exam Review efforts very much !!

Time and energy are certainly very limited during Week 8 of the course ( especially since Week 8 of the course ends a day sooner than all the other Weeks 1-7 of the course ) and so here is the advice that I generally give to class members concerning reviewing and preparing for the Week 8 Knewton Final Exam.

Click on that “extra link” in the Week 8 area of Modules / Syllabus / Assignments and enter the Knewton Test Review Center.

Pick 2 to 5 problem / exercise sets that you feel best exhibit areas of weakness, areas of potential improvement, or simply areas that you instinctively feel like you want to review and practice with a little bit before taking your Week 8 Knewton Final Exam.

Then within each of those 2 to 5 problem and exercise sets that you choose, work on and complete say 2 to 5 problems / exercises.

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Following this prescription here is probably better than doing “nothing at all” before you sit down to take your Week 8 Final Exam.  In any endeavor in life, we all generally benefit from “warming up” a little bit before diving head first into something.     

Just as a brief reminder ( source of insight ? ) generally Folks struggle the most with Week 4 ( the Probability Unit ) and then after that Week 5 ( the Normal Distributions Unit – which largely is an extension of the Probability Unit ) on the Final Exam.

Folks generally do pretty well with Weeks 6-8 stuff on the Final Exam because they have done the Weeks 6-8 Knewton Homework fairly close to when they take the Final Exam, so Weeks 6-8 stuff is much more fresh in their minds already before taking the Final Exam

So for many class members it would not be a bad idea to pick 2 or 3 problem sets from Week 4 and 2 or 3 problem sets from Week 5 and work on and complete say 2 to 4 exercises from each of the chosen problem and exercise sets in the Knewton Test Review Center.     

So many of you have performed so strongly all during the course that you might not review for the Final Exam at all.  That is understandable.  But if you feel the need or desire to Review some before sitting down to take the Week 8 Final Exam, then the advice in this Post here should probably be pretty valuable for you.

Thanks Friends for everything !

I miss you all already even though we are still together through the end of the day on Sat Feb 27 .

Take good care and Best Wishes always Friends !!

I do not know the answer to that question, because nobody has ever asked me that question before.

The Final Exam is probably in some ways not much longer than a Quiz – the Quizzes that we took at the ends of Weeks 2 4 6.

So to be on the safe side what we always recommend for Final Exams in online classes is to please set aside 3.5 hours of uninterrupted time before sitting down to take an online Final Exam.

Since the Final Exam allows two attempts though, you could try an experiment.

You could sit down for your first attempt, work on it for a while.  And then come back on some other day and try to work on it some more.

Then if the system does not let you do that, then you know that when you are getting ready to take your second attempt, that you will have to complete the second attempt all during one sitting so to speak.

Sorry I can’t be more help here.  I would love to hear the results of the experiment if you try it.

Thanks Jennifer and Best Wishes !

Excellent work in the course !!