Math reasoning graded discussion: Counting shapes

Graded Discussion: Counting Shapes

A minimum of two posts is required.
You must give a detailed solution for each part in your first post to get full credit.
It is not enough to just give the final answer.
You must show steps or explain your reasoning.
If it is easier, you can write your solution out on paper, take a picture, and upload it to the discussion as a pdf file.
The pdf file type is the only file type that will be accepted.
You will be able to see other students’ posts once you post your own solution. Review their responses to determine if they agree with your own.
For your second post, reply to your own post.
Don’t worry! You will not lose points for an incorrect answer in your first post as long as you post a reply with the correct answer in your second post.
Complete required posts by the posted deadline.

For this graded discussion, you will try to find your own systematic approach to solving two counting puzzles. Then you will watch a video solution. You will post your answers to the questions in STEP 4 below. You will create and solve your own puzzle. You must complete all the steps to get full credit.

STEP 1: Puzzle 1: How many squares are in the diagram?
Find and use a systematic approach to counting the number of squares of any size in the diagram.

STEP 3: Watch the video to see the solutions.

As you watch the video, make a note of the approaches used to solve each puzzle.

STEP 4: Create a Post with your answers to the following questions.
[2 points] Describe your approaches to solving the puzzles. Did you use the same approach to both?
[2 points] How would you explain the approach used in the video? How was it systematic?
[2 points] Compare and contrast your approach to the approach used in the video. Did you get the same answers?
(Don’t worry! You will not lose points if you didn’t get the puzzle right the first time you tried it.)
[2 points] Create (or find) a counting puzzle for your classmates to solve.

STEP 5: Solve a classmate’s puzzle.

Once you have posted, you will be able to view your classmates posts. Find one of the puzzles they posted, reply to their post with a detailed solution. [2 points

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