MKT362 Pricing

Learning Outcomes:-

Develop a deep understanding of conceptual frameworks and techniques of
making strategic pricing decisions.
Differentiate how various pricing practices are used in different markets, products and services.
Discuss how pricing decisions are enabled by data-driven pricing analytics
Recommend appropriate pricing strategies based on market segments, customer sensitivity, competition environment, ethical and legal constraints.

Goldbell acquires BlueSG; plans up to $40m investment by 2023

Vehicle leasing and distribution company Goldbell Group announced on Monday its finalization on the acquisition of electric car-sharing player BlueSG after the announcement was made in February 2021.

The group, in a press statement, highlighted that out of the planned S$70 million investment capital for the next five years, 60 percent or S$40 million will be made by 2023, as part of its growth acceleration strategy. A key priority of the investment will be the establishment of an open innovation platform in Singapore through BlueSG, which will act as a testbed for new and experimental pilot technologies.

Goldbell also noted that it is on track to expand the BlueSG fleet size with immediate effect and that it will increase its staff strength by 20 percent at the end of this year. To realize BlueSG’s business and technical capabilities expansion potential will be among Goldbell’s immediate priorities. It aims to achieve this by developing a business model that will be replicated among
other smart cities in the Asia-Pacific.

The group said that this effort will be kicked off from the establishment of BlueSG’s global headquarters for car sharing by the end of 2021, which also “sets the stage” for overseas expansion. With the finalization of the acquisition, Jenny Lim, who was previously BlueSG’s commercial and network director, has now been appointed by Goldbell as BlueSG’s head of Singapore, responsible for overall operations.

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