Module 2 Demonstrate: Case Study – Sustainability Practices CJ has met several people and is embracing your culture and the region where you live. He is interested in giving

Module 1: M1P1 Practice Activity Challenges and Opportunities  

Module 1 Demonstrate: Quiz

Module 2 Demonstrate: Case Study – Sustainability Practices ⭐

CJ has met several people and is embracing your culture and the region where you live. He is interested in giving back to the community and helping others and the environment. You explain to CJ the importance of global sustainability and how this important topic can help CJ, the environment, and the community.

Assignment Description

You will write a 2-3 page paper addressing the following questions.

1. Based on your location, what areas are most needed? Refer to the U.N. Sustainability Goals if you need guidance.

2. How can CJ help your community or a dire area within your country?

Be very specific in your answers. Include the country/region where you are from, and, more importantly, have fun in researching and sharing information from your own country!

Assignment Instructions

Prepare a double-spaced 2-3 page paper with Times New Roman 12-point font. Your paper must include at least one in-text citation and corresponding reference. You can use resources linked to within this class, or you can use an external resource that you located. This reference needs to be cited according to the NXU Style Guide. This NXU Style Guide is located in the Writing Lab. If you need additional writing support, visit the Writing Lab.

Your paper needs to answer the two questions mentioned in the assignment description. Make sure to use headers and paragraphs to structure your paper. Review the rubric before submitting your assignment to assess expectations.

Module 3 Demonstrate: Milestone 1⭐

Before you begin this milestone, know that this milestone requires using knowledge gained from modules 1 through 3.

Assignment Description

For this milestone, you must choose an industry in which you want to own a business. Make sure to choose an industry that is meaningful and interesting to use, as you will use this same industry and company in your second milestone and the final project.

For this milestone, you will write a 3-4 page paper that outlines important considerations about the international business you want to launch. The paper will include the following topics:

International Markets, Governing Bodies, Challenges and Opportunities, Sustainability, and Supply Chain Management

Assignment Instructions

Your paper needs to include the topics listed above. Each topic should be a section header within your paper. Review the details for each section.

Section 1: International Market (Use this heading, bold and centred in your paper)

Describe your business and industry as if you are presenting to a potential investor. You will also want to include the market entry type in this section. Be sure to include the country where you plan to establish your business and another location where you will take your business globally. (Module 1)

Section 2: Governing Bodies (Use this heading, bold and centred in your paper)

Establish the governing bodies that might impact your organization’s operations and propose strategies to overcome them. (Module 1)

Section 3: Challenges and Opportunities (Use this heading, bold and centred in your paper)

Describe the challenges and opportunities of the current market. (Module 1 and Module 2)

Section 4: Sustainability (Use this as a heading, bold and centred in your paper)

Sustainability is an important element in penetrating the global market. Discuss your sustainable plans for your organization. You will want to be specific in this area. How do you plan on making the world a better place? (Module 2)

Section 5: Supply Chain Management (Use this heading, bold and centred in your paper)

Once your business is established, what supply chain measures will you implement to move your business forward? This could include outside vendors, technology, or other measures to streamline your business. (Module 3)

Section 6: Conclusion (Use this heading, bold and centered in your paper)

Write a conclusion summarizing your business and your plans for global growth that connects all the parts you discussed in the paper.


Your completed milestone should be approximately 3-4 pages, double-spaced in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. You should include at least 2 references with corresponding citations, which can include any of the resources in the classroom, in the library, or in your research.

For additional writing resources, refer to the Writing Lab. Be sure that your paper is formatted according to the NXU Style Guide. The NXU Style Guide is found within the writing lab. Review the rubric before submitting your assignment to ensure it meets expectations.

Module 4 Demonstrate Case Study – Implementing Innovation ⭐

Case Study – Implementing Innovation ⭐

CJ now has 3 coffee shops in your area. He is enjoying his success but has become stressed attempting to manage all 3 on his own. He has been researching innovative companies such as IKEA and Starbucks. He also wants to streamline his business and supply chain processes, consider expanding into digital relationships and create an innovative strategy requiring managing across sectors. To accomplish this, he is seeking help from you once again.

Assignment Instructions

Create innovation strategy recommendations for CJ in a short 3 slide presentation. Include the implications to management and the risks of implementing innovative processes.

Include additional slides for references according to the NXU Style Guide.

You need to include the following slides:

Slide 1: An overview of organizational innovation and its importance in the global workforce, with specific examples of 2 companies that have successfully implemented innovationSlide 2: A list of 3-5 innovation strategies that you consider the strongest for improving CJ’s specific caseSlide 3: A conclusion on how the 3-5 strategies from step 2 will help propel CJ’s coffee shops into the future (if you have space, you may combine slides 2 and 3 into 1 slide)

You should include at least 2 references. You may use any of the resources included in this module or do some research on your own. The library is an excellent resource. Please ask your professor or explore the Writing Lab on your Dashboard if you need additional writing or citation assistance. We are all here to help you!

Module 5 Demonstration: Milestone 2 ⭐

Milestone 2 ⭐

This milestone continues your created company from Milestone 1, in Module 3. While you will not include Milestone 1 in this proposal (but will for the final project), you will want to include a short introduction to your company. In additional to this short introduction, you will want to include the following sections:

Assignment Instructions

This paper will be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12. You will include the following sections:

Organization Description (used as a heading, bold and centred in your proposal)

Include information to introduce your company from milestone 1.This should be one to two paragraphs.

Innovation Strategies (used as a heading, bold and centred in your proposal)

Discuss the innovation that you will introduce in the launching of the international business. At what level will innovation be implemented? Will innovation take the form of new leadership or management policy, a new logistical plan, or something totally different? Utilize your course readings, course presentations, and personal experience and research to support this strategy. This should be one to two paragraphs.

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) Opportunities (used as a heading, bold and centred in your proposal)

Explain the variety of ways how FDI can be integrated into the business. This should be one to two paragraphs.

Outline Potential Challenges

3-5 bullet points

Outline Risk Mitigation

3-5 bullet points


3-5 bullet points

Conclusion (used as a heading, bold and centered in your proposal)

Synthesize the findings of your paper


Minimum of three references, cited in the NXU Style Guide format

Module 6: M6P2: Practice Creating a Proposal

BUS6100 Final Project⭐

it is now time to complete the Final Project!

By now, you have completed both Milestone 1 and Milestone 2, which is more than half of the project. First, review both milestones and make any revisions based on your professor’s feedback. Ask your faculty member or success advisor about the writing resources available if you need additional assistance. To help you recall, below are links to the instructions from your two milestone assignments.

Milestone 1⭐
Milestone 2⭐

Final Project Instructions

Now, it’s time to complete your final project’s final portion and add it to your combined milestones, submitting everything as a full, revised, and cohesive paper. Below is the heading that you should use for this section and what it should contain:

In the Final Project, you will create a 10-12 slide Pitch Deck with audio/video narration intended for potential investors. This should contain all the strategies for launching the international business. Your presentation should be between 7 and 10 minutes.

You may use the following outline:

1. Business Overview/Executive Summary

2. Strategies for global, local, and emerging markets

3. Innovation Strategies

4. Sustainability Practices

5. Considerations for Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)

6. Challenges and Risks (Include all potential challenges and risks related to establishing an international business, innovation, sustainability practices, and FDI)

7. Risk Mitigation Strategies

8. Conclusions

9. References (Minimum of 3 references)

Tip: Your milestones have already included 2 references each, so feel free to use those as references that count toward your 8-10, if applicable.

When you are finished, submit your completed Final Project. If you have any questions about the specifics for this project, please reach out to your faculty member for assistance.