My final assignment is to write a research paper.  I attached my outline and my

My final assignment is to write a research paper.  I attached my outline and my first draft but I used    chat gpt to write most of it.  I need an extensive 2,000 word minimum paper using at least 5 academic sources.  I provided 3 in my outline that I attached but I need a total of 5 scholarly sources, (preferably articles or journals).  The paper must argue why the misconceptions about muslim women are indeed misconceptions and describe the real role that women play in this religion.  The outline and rough draft are attached to use as reference points but please rewrite the paper without any plagiarism or ai.
Guidelines for RESEARCH PAPER Final Version
A. Structure and Minimum Requirements:
1. At least 2,000 words of the MAIN BODY (I will exclude counting the words in the
COVER PAGE, BIBLIOGRAPHY, your name, class information, date, title, and any
other information irrelevant to the MAIN BODY of your paper).
2. Title. For example, “Avicenna and His Philosophy.”
3. Cite at least 5 academic sources (books or academic articles only). You can use
internet sources, such as blogs, forums, discussions, Wikipedia, etc., but they will not
count as one of the sources.
4. None of the reading assignments I posted on Canvas for weekly readings will count
as one of these sources. The Qur’an will also not count as one of these sources.
5. Whenever you quote from a source (books, articles, internet, etc.), use proper
citations. Citations are required even when you are paraphrasing sentences/ideas from
other sources. Otherwise, it is plagiarism and will be punished by a failing grade for
the course and will be reported to the university for appropriate disciplinary action.
As a general rule, whenever you are using somebody else’s opinions as if they are
your own, it is plagiarism. When in doubt, use citations. There is nothing wrong with
using as many citations as necessary.
6. It is preferred that you use the MLA style. However, you may use APA or Chicago
formats too. Whichever style you choose, use it consistently for the entire paper (do
not switch from one style to another).
7. Include a “bibliography” page at the end of your paper.
8. Make sure that you submit your paper on time through canvas.
B. Content:
1. Your paper must include an introduction and conclusion.
2. Make sure that you clearly state a main thesis/argument in the introduction. In fact,
you can start your paper as the following: “In this paper, I argue that….”
***An Argument is a sentence you can say “right” or “wrong” to. Consider the
following examples:
–In this paper, I will describe (or analyze/talk about/write about/ touch
upon/focus/delineate) Avicenna’s philosophical thoughts. This is NOT
–In this paper, I argue that Avicenna cleverly utilized some of Aristotelian
concepts to develop his own philosophy. This is AN ARGUMENT.
3. Do not switch to irrelevant topics/points. Your whole paper must be a coherent whole
in itself.
4. Make sure to use paragraphs appropriately. Avoid using too short or too long
paragraphs. For every new idea, start a new paragraph and make sure that your
paragraph presents a coherent structure in itself.
5. Research paper is not a book report. You are using the 5 sources to strengthen your
argument and explore the topic you chose.
6. Include as much critical analyses/comments/insights as possible from your own. Your
analyses, comments, insights must be no less than 300 words, at least.
C. Grammar
1. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
2. Never use an author’s first name only unless s/he is your friend.
3. Please pay attention to the following common mistakes:
–Difference between: they/they’re
–Difference between: its/it’s; his/he’s
–Difference between: lead/led
–Difference between: one’s/ones
–Difference between man/men; woman/women
–Difference between ‘’/’
–Difference between ‘/ ’
–Differences among Islam/Muslim/Islamic
3. Be extra careful especially when using technical terms, names, and words from other
languages. For example, do not make the following common mistakes:
–Quran, Qu’ran (wrong), Qur’an (correct)
–Alfarabi, AlFarabi (wrong), Al-Farabi (correct)
–Mutezilite, Mu’tezilite (wrong); Mu‘tezilite (correct)
D. Grading:
1. No title: -15 points
2. Less than 2,000 words: Every 5 missing words will cause a point. For example, I
will take 10 points off if your paper is 1950 words only, and 20 points off if your
paper is 1900 words only, and so on.
3. Quality of Content:
–Good: Paper is structured successfully, there is introduction/ development/
conclusion, paragraphs are used appropriately, argument of the paper is developed
and defended clearly and successfully, and there is at least 300 words satisfactory
critical analysis.
–Moderate: Paper’s structure is disorderly, or there is no clear
introduction/development/conclusion, or paragraphs are used inappropriately, or
argument of the paper is loosely developed and defended, or there is less than 300
words satisfactory critical analysis: -25 points.
–Poor: There is no structure in the paper and there is no clear
introduction/development/conclusion, or there is no argument in the paper and no
relevancy between paragraphs (author is jumping from one topic to another), or
critical analysis is unsatisfactory or there is no critical analysis: -50 points.
4. Missing Sources:
–Only 4 sources are used: -15 points
–Only 3 sources are used: -30 points
–Only 2 sources are used: -45 points
–Only 1 source is used: -60 points
–No sources: -80 points
5. Grammar:
–Each grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistake: -2 points
–Each citation mistake: -7 points
–Maximum points taken off because of grammar: -50 points
6. Submission and Deadline:
–Each day your paper is late: -15 points
— 5 days after the deadline, your paper will not be accepted at all.