My research paper should include citations from every book that I mentioned as w

My research paper should include citations from every book that I mentioned as well as must included following essay rubric requirements.
Citations should include ”
1. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Coleman, ” Why it Can matter more than IQ”.
2. Non violent communication by Marshalll B. Rosenberg. Ph.d
3. Reclaiming Conversation by Sherry Turkle.
4. 5 Love language
5. City College of Sanfranciso library sources.
Lastly. You should include work Cited page at the end of the essay. Thank you
Through self-management and coping methods, salespeople avoid unnecessary risks and impulsive behavior while managing feelings of overconfidence or stress that can be detrimental to a deal. Self-management is a tool that salespeople can use to change their emotional state to one that is appropriate for handling their clients (Goleman 50). Considering that “anger builds upon anger” (Goleman 54), salespeople benefit from not allowing frustrations from, for example, a lost sale to spill into following sales opportunities (Kidwell 2011). The regulation of feelings to an appropriate level can ensure that a salesperson is not overly confident, focusing too much on themselves and not their customer. Also known as the “cocky salesperson,” this style will cause the buyer to feel that the salesperson does not care or is unaware of their needs (Kidwell 2021). Through practices of self-awareness and self-management, these overbearing appearances can be avoided so as not to damage any trust built. Just as over-confidence can kill a sale, so can under-confidence due to a lack of an ability to build rapport with a customer (Kidwell 2021). This is because during times of anxiety, the mind will “obsess on how to handle it and ignore anything else for the time being.” (Goleman 58) Felt stress is a state in which salespeople fear failure before the sales process begins (Kidwell 2021). This state does not allow for any focus on how the customer is feeling or any awareness of the effectiveness of their applied sales strategy, often due to reduced motivation (Kidwell 2021). It has been found that coercive sales tactics, often motivated by sales quotas, lead to higher psychological and physiological stress (McFarland 2003). One can argue that this can be the responsibility of management, but salespeople have a means of coping with these pressures. The salesperson’s belief in themselves to overcome stress is a powerful coping mechanism, otherwise known as learning orientation (McFarland 2003). Without attempting this form of learning orientation, salespeople are at risk of feelings of burnout and apathy. The emotional state of the salesperson can be controlled through traditional self-management tactics and processes like learning orientation and convincing themselves, which will allow for lower-risk customer interactions and higher sales revenue.
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My research paper should include citations from every book that I mentioned as w
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