N 490 Module 2 Discussion

The nursing shortage is causing stress and burnout in nurses across the country. But what many people do not realize is that the nursing shortage is not only making it difficult for nurses to do their jobs, but it is also making it difficult for nurses to find jobs. In fact, the nursing shortage has gotten so bad that some hospitals are now hiring unlicensed personnel to do the work of registered nurses. And while these unlicensed personnel may be able to do some of the basic tasks required of a nurse, they are not qualified to provide the level of care that patients need and deserve. Ultimately, the nursing shortage is putting patients at risk, and it is time for hospital administrators and policymakers to formulate strategies to enhance the efficiency in healthcare delivery processes.

The nursing shortage is a critical problem that must be alleviated for the sake of our nation’s health. There are several reasons for this shortage, including the fact that nurses are in high demand and can often find better-paying jobs elsewhere. Nursing salaries have not increased at the same rate as other professions, making it an unattractive career choice for some. And unfortunately, many nurses are leaving the profession due to the strenuous work hours and overwhelming workloads. Addressing these issues is essential if healthcare organizations want to ensure that patients receive quality care. They need to provide nurses with better working conditions, competitive salaries, and adequate staffing levels so they can properly care for patients. Only then will healthcare organizations be able to alleviate the nursing shortages

There are different articles and journals that explore the issue of nursing shortage in relation to stress and burnout for both working nurses and those in educational faculty. One of these articles is Nursing shortage by Haddad et al. (2022).

Summary of the Article

According to the article, nursing shortage is a critical issue in the United States and is only projected to worsen in the upcoming years. The main reasons for the nursing shortage are an aging population, increased demand for healthcare services, and a lack of nurses entering the workforce (Haddad et al., 2022). The nursing shortage has resulted in hospitals having to cancel surgeries, reduce services, and discharge patients earlier than necessary. It has also led to higher nurse-to-patient ratios, which can increase the risk of medical errors.

The article reveals several steps that can be taken to help alleviate the nursing shortage including increasing nurse recruitment and retention, providing incentives for nurses to work in rural areas or at understaffed hospitals, and increasing funding for nursing education. There are a variety of others ways to alleviate the nursing shortage. One way is to alter the schedules offered to nurses to better accommodate their lifestyles (Haddad et al., 2022). For example, many nurses work long hours and may have difficulty finding time to attend training sessions. However, by offering altered schedules that allow nurses to attend training during work hours, hospitals can encourage nurses to upskill and maintain their certifications. Additionally, hospitals can offer incentives for nurses who obtain advanced degrees or take on leadership roles within the organization (Marć et al., 2019). By doing so, nurses will be more likely to stay with the organization and progress in their careers. Incentivizing behaviors that improve retention rates is one way to address the nursing shortage.


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Module 2 Discussion

When discussing stress and burnout in nursing, the nursing shortage is a concern that comes to the top of the list (for legal and ethical reasons), both for working nurses and educational faculty. Find an article that explores this issue, summarize the article’s findings, and add a possible solution to the problem.

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