Now that you’ve read about what Technical Writing is, it’s time to put those con

Now that you’ve read about what Technical Writing is, it’s time to put those concepts to use by exploring and analyzing an increasingly common form of technical writing: Infographics. 
Infographics are visual representations of data, knowledge, or processes designed to make information easily understandable.  
Conduct a Google Image search for infographics related in some way to nursing or healthcare.  
Tip: Search the term “infographic” along with a literally any healthcare or nursing-related term you’re interested in. For example, try “infographic NCLEX,” “nursing infographic ER,” or “nursing infographic pain management.” 
Choose one infographic and analyze it against the characteristics for good technical writing in this week’s reading. Write up your analysis into a document and submit it via this page to complete the assignment.  
For easy reference, here again are the 6 characteristics from the reading:  
Focus on audience 
Rhetorical, persuasive, purposeful, and problem-oriented   
Design Centered   
Research and Technology Oriented   
Your analysis should assess how well the infographic you’ve chosen achieves the characteristics above. If it falls short in any of these categories, explain why.  
Your document should:  
Include an image of the infographic you chose, along with a full APA reference. Here’s a page that tells you how to create a reference for an infographicLinks to an external site..  
Be 12pt, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, double spaced.   
Be 3-4 paragraphs long (with a minimum of 3 sentences per paragraph).