NR 351 Week 1 Discussion: Introductions (Required, not Graded)

My name is … and I live in Oberlin, oh (EST) which is about 45 minutes west of Cleveland.  I am married (almost 21 years) and we have 3 beautiful daughters 16, 19, and 23 years old.  My husband is a grain farmer and raises cattle, and I have been a nurse for the last eleven and a half years. 

I started my nursing career on the cardiac stepdown unit, and shortly thereafter moved on to the cardiovascular ICU.  I have been full time in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab for the last 6 years.  We work 4 days a week and take call several days during the week and weekends. 

The call burden that we have at work and unpredictable hours is what produces the most anxiety for me upon returning to school.  I am hopeful that my family and coworkers will be understanding during this time. 

                I am one of the preceptors for new employees and decided to begin my baccalaureate degree again to advance my career toward education.  I began a program several years ago and had to withdrawal due to family obligations.  I have heard good things about Chamberlain University and when looking for a school they were very willing to take into consideration classes that I have already taken.

Hello, my name is T….  I live in Renton, Washington.  I am married and have two sons.  One is five and half, and another one is two years old.  I am a full-time mom on weekdays and a part-time nurse supervisor on weekends at SNF.  I decided to return to school because I have always wanted to get a BSN.  This way I can explore more in the other nursing fields.  What I most nervous is the time management with all the mother’s duties, house chores, work, and school.  On the other hand, I also take care of my mother.  The reason I chose Chamberlain College of Nursing is because of a friend’s referral, and the staff are nice and supportive.  I enjoy spend time with my family, traveling, and love being a nurse which is my childhood dream.  I used to thought I wanted to be either a teacher or a nurse that can help people, but then I also thought a nurse can save people’s lives as well.  That was why I chose nursing.  Therefore, I am excited to continue pursuing my nursing education.   

My name is C…,  I live in Long Beach, CA (PST) with my dog Oso. I was in the Army for 12 years and it was during my last deployment I decided to finish out my contract and pursue my next career choice. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, road trips, going to the beach, hiking with my dog and going to the movies. I completed my ASN in December of 2019 and just hit my one year mark working in the hospital. I wanted to take a little break after nursing school and focus on getting my experience working in acute care before returning for my BSN.  I chose Chamberlain College of Nursing for a few reasons… I have heard good reviews from co-workers and friends that are currently attending and the tuition costs are very reasonable. I am mostly excited with a dash of nervousness about returning to school as I figure out this online classroom as well as balancing work/life. I currently work on a Cardiac DOU which has been a great learning experience as a new grad as well as completing my first year in a pandemic.