NRSG 410 Unit 1 – Discussion Board

NRSG 410 Unit 1 – Discussion Board

NRSG 410 Unit 1 – Discussion Board

Unit 1 Discussion

I am called Chukwudi Declan Onyekwere but my friends and acquaintances call me Chucks, short for Chukwudi and I like my name. I have over three years’ clinical experience as registered nurse in the United States. I come from Nigeria and I like being in the United States as well as working as healthcare provider. I am excited to be part of this class and my proudest moment remains my efforts that have made it possible to enroll in this program to improve my nursing skills and competencies. The attainment of a masters in nursing (MSN) will be my greatest moment as this will open a new page in my life by providing more opportunities to be an accomplished healthcare provider. I also look forward to interactive sessions and relationships with different members of this class to enhance my career and professional development that includes attaining a specialty as a family nurse practitioner.

What is unique about is the urge to explore novel knowledge and ideas concerning life and the nursing career. I love nursing as a profession as it allows one to listen, understand, empathize, and build relationships with diverse patient populations across care and age continuum (Weberg et al., 2019). Further, I appreciate diversity and divergent perspectives when solving problems as they allow people to think differently and outside their comfort zones. The implication is that diversity should entail celebrating our uniqueness based on many factors but not become a tool to perpetrate intolerance and racism.

The course outline is exciting and experiencing it would be great. I look forward to enhancing my overall advanced nursing skills as a graduate prepared nurse seeking advanced degree (Vink et al., 2019). I believe that the course will enhance my understanding of the significant role that innovation plays in health care provision.

My advice is that as a class, all work together and collaboratively to attain expected goals and objectives of the course. I hope to improve my innovation skills and build better rapport with patients in different care settings (Weberg et al., 2019). I also believe that I will leverage the innovation skills and implement evidence-based practice (EBP) approaches in care provision in my facility.

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NRSG 410 Unit 1 – Discussion Board References

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