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Nuclear Proliferation – Institutions Norms Assignment Questions

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Nuclear Proliferation Assignment Questions and Answers


Assignment Details:-

Number of Words: 2000
Topic: Nuclear Proliferation – Institutions Norms



For the group, you will discuss the presentation outline, which will include: an introduction to the main points of the project, group members, and then each member will cover a part of the general theme, and then the project concludes with a conclusion of major findings.

For example, if the group theme is how to achieve more cooperation on nuclear non-proliferation, then it might be presenting on how the Russian government has been non-cooperative and posing challenges to the NPT regime, one member might be discussing how India is cooperating with the NPT regime, one member might be discussing how major powers such as China and the US need to cooperate more at international institutions, then can work on each part of the portfolio.

Each part will also include a brief introduction to the topic, some key arguments with supporting evidence, and a brief conclusion of your findings and suggestions on policy and future challenges–a list of sources researched.

Prepare a PPT as a whole including all three subtopics (as we have 3 members in our group) with the requirements mentioned here for a total of 20-25 mins presentation along with words file of 600 words for each topic (three topics) total of not more than 2000 words including the references.

please make sure, it is a cohesive project, and we expect there is an introduction, introducing why this project, why it is important, what is included, and who are presenting; in the end, there should be a conclusion, summing up major points and proposing suggestions and policy proposals.


The policy portfolio will include the following:

What is the problem? How serious? Who are impacted?
What are the existing policies? Any questions (critics or praises) about these policies?
What is your group’s evaluation of the policies?
What do you propose as solutions? Why?


The portfolio can be up to 10 pages, with solid research from academic literature, and with data, including but not limited to, pictures, photos, graphs, or any visual aid to help better present the problem and support your policy suggestion. (Please note given the limitation on time of the presentations, please do not show video clips during your presentation. You can list the link for the class to watch later and just introduce very briefly the content of the clip.) It needs to also include an outline of the project, the basic talking points of the group presenters, and a list of summary policy suggestions.


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