Paper Topic: What explains why we have gender inequality and what can be done to

Paper Topic:
What explains why we have gender inequality and what can be done to eliminate stratification based on gender?  
Action Items Before Writing Your Paper:
In order to successfully complete this paper, students should make sure they have:
Read and answered the study guide questions for Chapters Ten – Fourteen in our required textbook, paying particular attention to the concepts in Chapter Twelve
Screened and taken notes on the following four course videos:
Theories of Gender:
Gender Stratification:
Why Women are Paid Less:
The Dangerous Way Ads See Women:
Required Content:
Your paper must include at minimum a discussion of the following concepts and ideas:
The difference between sex and gender and why this distinction is important sociologically
How functionalists and conflict theorists explain gender inequality
What is meant by “doing gender” and how this informs our understanding of gender inequality
How sexism and the patriarchy is evident in families and in the media
Your paper must also use ALL four videos listed above as the examples or application of these concepts, the course text and media should be highlighted and featured as evidence and support in your paper.  
Resource and Support Guidelines:
Direct evidence from videos – your paper should have rich detail (not just general summaries) from the videos. Use video content, quotes, and specific examples to support your paper. Papers that do not incorporate course media will be graded as having insufficient support.
Direct support from text – your paper should include quotes and direct, cited references from our required course textbook. Papers that do not incorporate the course text will be graded as having insufficient support.
David Newman’s Sociology:
Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life (13th edition). (these are the chapters included)
Only class resources (textbook and class media learning modules), no outside resources
Papers will be held to a standard of academic honesty.
Technical Requirements:
Title: Your paper should have a title but no title page needed
Length: 850 word minimum – 1200 word maximum (1200 words is a hard stop)
Format: Double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins
Resource list at the end of the paper/Bibliography