Part 1). Imagine you are a planner for a small local government.  The government

Part 1).
Imagine you are a planner for a small local government.  The government is so small that you are responsible for all aspects of planning.  The state has announced plans for a new highway that will dissect your town.  The nearest planned exit will be 10 miles west and 16 miles east of your town.  What are your major concerns with this highway and what possible solutions do you see to manage these concerns?
Part 2).
During the Great Recession of 2007 and 2008, the city of Richmond, CA has a large number of foreclosed homes.  In addition to being foreclosed they have lost significant value. In other words, they are underwater and the homes are worth a lot less than are still owed on them.  The city sees this as a major concern and has discussed using eminent domain to take the foreclosed homes from the banks and essentially arrange with the homeowners to stay in their homes by selling the house to them at the current value. This would keep people in their homes.  The banks, who hold the mortgages, would need to be compensated for their loss.  The city is taking real property so they argue that eminent domain is appropriate.  The banks obviously disagree.
Based on what you read about takings and the use of eminent domain, is this an appropriate use of eminent domain? Why or why not?
Part 3).
In your opinion:
What level of government should tax Internet sales?
Should Internet sales be included in the general sales tax base, tax separately as an excise tax or completely excluded from taxation?  Defend your opinion.
Part 4).
After learning about service charges and regulatory fees, and researching how you are personally assessed them in your monthly bills, now research your local city and/or county (Port St. Lucie, FL) to identify as service fee or regulatory charge that they as a local government pass on to you the citizen.  In your post, explain what city/county, what the fee is, what department assesses it and what the revenue from that fee supports. (Hint:  go to your county parks and recreation, solid waste or utilities department website to find this). 
Part 5).
Local governments have taken an aggressive approach to the use of tax incentives to promote economic development.
What effect do tax incentives have on economic development at the local level?
Under what circumstances should tax incentives be used?
Briefly summarize, in your opinion, the policies and procedures that a local government should have in place before using tax incentives.