Part 1 – Initiative to Improve Community Health  Review the Blue Zones Project.  Select one of the Blue Zone Project’s initiatives that were developed to improve the health of a community.


This assessment measures your ability to synthesize evidence surrounding professional identity, roles, and interprofessional competencies for advanced nursing practice.

As an advanced practice nurse, you are expected to participate in interprofessional collaboration for improving patient and population health outcomes. You will be expected to establish, participate, and lead collaborative teams when appropriate. 

For any collaboration to be constructive, solve problems, and seen as an opportunity to work with others for the achievement of shared goals and outcomes, it requires authenticity, a confident professional identity, and commitment to adhering to the interprofessional collaboration competencies

In this assignment, you will explore these concepts as you develop an interprofessional collaborative initiative within your community. 

Assessment Deliverable 
Part 1 – Initiative to Improve Community Health 

Review the Blue Zones Project.

 Select one of the Blue Zone Project’s initiatives that were developed to improve the health of a community. Develop a plan to implement a similar initiative in a community in your area.

Part 1

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, with detailed speaker notes, to present the plan for your community health initiative.


In your plan, address the following topics:

Create a profile of the community where you want to implement the health initiative. Include the following in the profile:

o   Define the challenge within the community that is impacting health and well-being. Provide data to support the challenge you identified.

o   Determine what the community’s needs must be addressed.

Describe the initiative and provide an explanation of the anticipated impact it will have on the community.Provide an assessment of the perceived barriers to implementing the initiative.Identify the types of interprofessional collaborators (stakeholders) you would need to implement your plan. Consider the barriers you listed when developing this list.

o   Explain the role each stakeholder will play in the initiative as well as your own role.

Discuss any communication and meaningful conversations needed in the community to implement the plan.


Part 2 – Reflection

Reflect on your role as an advanced practice nurse advocating for a healthy community. 


Compose a 900 to 1,200-word reflection with responses to the following questions:

How does advocating for a community health initiative affect or expand your professional identity?How does your professional identity influence interprofessional collaboration?Consider the 4 interprofessional collaboration competency domains that were identified in Hamric and Hanson’s Advanced Practice Nursing, Ch. 12.

o   Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice

o   Roles/Responsibilities

o   Interprofessional Communication

o   Teams and Teamwork

o   How does each domain relate to your project initiative?

What competencies from the domains of interprofessional collaboration do you possess? Which ones do you lack or need to improve?





·        Community Profile

20% of total grade

·        Community Impact and Barriers

15% of total grade

·        Blue Zone Community Stakeholders

15% of total grade

·        Stakeholder Communication

10% of total grade

·        Reflection

30% of total grade

·        Cultural Competence and Ethics: Respectful Communication & Interaction

5% of total grade

·        APA, Grammar, and Writing Mechanics