Part 1: Project Integration Management After living in their house since 1982 in Mississauga, ON, the Baker family decided to finish t

Term Project – INFO20172 (Summer 2023) CASE STUDY: Finishing the basement

Part 1: Project Integration Management

After living in their house since 1982 in Mississauga, ON, the Baker family decided to finish the lower level of their house and eventually let it for short term rentals through Airbnb. The rationale for such a move despite its inconvenience during the renovation period was as follows:

The basement was used by the kids as playground and later as small workplace and gym. Now they have left the house and the Bakers couple do not really need the lower-level space anymore.Mr. and Mrs. Bakers have recently retired from work and considering the record-breaking inflation rate and skyrocketing prices, making a decent income through short-term rental looks a nice solution for the Bakers to overcome possible financial hardships.Having a “downstairs neighbor” will make them feel more secure.In case the Baker family consider selling their house in future, such a step could attract much more potential buyers and result in a considerable price appreciation for their property.Using energy saver material such as windows would result in a noticeable expense reduction in utilities.House exterior can be improved through replacing old-style and mostly rusted window frames.

After making the decision to go ahead with this step, the Bakers interviewed a few different contractors and did their due diligence regarding the professionalism and quality of the contractors. They decided to hire “Smart Reno” as their contracting company. The owner of “Smart Reno”, Mr. Robert Kozlov, was willing to start on Nov. 1 and guaranteed completion by Jan. 31 or they would refund 25% of the total cost of the contract, which was for

$65,000. Sixty-five thousand dollars seemed like a lot of money to the Backers, but they saw examples of the work Mr. Kozlov et al had done and were convinced it would be worthwhile. The plan is to convert the basement to a living space with two bedrooms, one kitchen, a sitting area, and a dining area, and two bathrooms. Also, to make a utility room for the currently exposed furnace and hot water tank with laundry area.


1. Prepare a project charter for the renovation Project. Assume the project will take 3 months to complete (use any year you wish, starting Nov. 1st with completion due Jan. 31st) and the total budget is $65,000. This included $35,000 in materials and $30,000 in labor costs. See table below for the labor charges for each person:

NameProfessionHourly rateRobert KoslovBusiness owner and PM$200Billy KoslovArchitect$120Bessy Koslovdemolition and build$80Brenda Koslovplumber$150Bonnie Koslovelectrician$150Peter Koslovdoor/window installer$100Tina TempStudent painter and mason (tile work)$40

You are the child of the Bakers, Chris, and since you are a professional project manager your parents have asked you to oversee the project to make sure everything goes as planned. Mr. Koslov will work closely with you. Use the project charter template and examples of project charters in Chapters 3 and 4 as guidelines. Assume that the project sponsor is Mr. Baker. Include the main roles for other major stakeholders (Mrs. Baker, the members of the Smart Reno, and assorted vendors).

Part 2: Project Scope Management


Develop a scope statement for the project. Use the example provided in Chapter 3, Table 3-9 “Scope statement draft” as a guide. Be as specific as possible in describing product characteristics, requirements, and deliverables.Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. Break down the work to level 2 or level 3, as appropriate. Use the samples in Chapters 3 and 5 as guides. Save and deliver the WBS in list form as a Word file. Be sure to base your WBS on the project charter, scope statement, and other relevant information.Use the WBS you developed in the task above to create a Gantt chart in Project 2019 for the project. Use the outline numbering feature to display the outline numbers (click View, Gantt Chart Tools, Format, and click on the Outline Number box). Do not enter any durations or dependencies.

Part 3: Project Time Management

One of your duties as project manager is to lead the Koslov team in developing and following a schedule. You have only 3 months to complete the project and all of the resources are full-time employees who have other contracts to work on at the same time. In addition to preparing a Gantt chart, you also plan to give everyone a simple milestone report. You make sure you black out weeks when people are working on the other projects. Mr. Koslov wants all the requirements settled by Nov. 5, and the design completed by Nov. 10 so he can begin getting building permits. He would like to have all the samples available by Nov. 15 so the Bakers can finalize their choices by Nov. 20th. Between Nov. 1 and Nov. 20, tearing down the existing bathroom will occur.


Identify at least eight milestones for this project. Write a short paper describing each milestone using the SMART criteria.Review the WBS and Gantt chart you created in Part 2 above. Review the key milestone dates Mr. Koslov provided and a typical schedule for bathroom renovation. Develop a simple schedule in the form of a milestone report. For the milestone report, see the sample in Chapter 3.Create a Gantt chart for the project, including the milestones, resources and dependencies.Estimate how many hours each person would work on each task listed in your Gantt chart.

Part 4: Project Cost Management

Recall that your budget is $65,000 for this three-month project. Also remember that the Smart Reno team have other contracts though Mr. Koslov has committed to having his team spend between 40% and 60% of their time at the Baker site.


Prepare and include a cost estimate for the project, similar to the one provided in Figure 7-2 (NOT Table 7-2) in Chapter 7. Use the WBS and hours estimates you created in Part 3. Assume that the vanity and sink you selected cost $2,000, the tub costs $2500, the paint, flooring, and drywall cost $14000, the toilet set costs $1500, the lighting cost $3000, and $2000 for new pipes. New doors/Windows cost $4000. The cost for all other material is $6000. Include the hours for each person and calculate the budget for labour costs as well as the fixed costs.

Term Project Details – INFO20172

What you are to do:

Read the case study carefully.Complete each of the Tasks following each section, according to the schedule.Prepare a Final Report consisting of all the Task deliverables.

Deliverables Schedule:

Week 11 (5 Marks)

A written preliminary report based on the project as of week 11 submitted to the SLATE mailbox before the start of class on that day. See detail below.

Saturday August 12, 2023 11:59 PM(20 Marks)

The Final Report containing:The checklist (completed);ALL the deliverables from the Tasks, in the order listed in the checklist.

Saturday August 12 11:59 PM, 2023 (5 Marks)

A Lessons Learned report (one page minimum). See Lessons Learned instructions document for details.

Deliverable Details

Preliminary Report

Preliminary Report: Write a brief statement describing what your class team has attempted and what it has accomplished so far.

Include the deliverables from Part 1 and Part 2, and appropriate Project Management tasks.

The mark received will be influenced by the quantity of your accomplishments and the degree of detail in your Gantt view. Submit this via SLATE.

The submission should include 2 files: a Gantt chart and Word document.

Final Report

The report is to be delivered in a professional manner, including spelling and grammar (Ask yourself – would you be proud to hand this to an employer of an example of your work?). The first page is to be the “Check list and Title Page”. Complete the checklist as evidence that you have all elements in the report and in their proper order. It is to include ALL tasks (as you may have had to revise the Charter or WBS, for example). Complete the appropriate class day (e.g., Friday) and the team members’ first and last names. It is due via SLATE mailbox before class on class day. After that time, the report is late.

The Final Report is to be submitted as one Word document and two .mpp files (preliminary and final) – not a series of documents, not as a .zip file. Marks will be deducted for this.

Check list and title page (all on one page):

Appropriate cover pageCompleted Check list pageProject Charter (Part 1, Task 1)Scope Statement (Part 2, Task 1)WBS – List Form (Part 2, Task 2)Gantt chart (Part 2, Task 3)SMART paper (Part 3, Task 1)Milestone Report (Part 3, Task 2)Gantt chart (Part 3, Task 3)Cost estimate (Part 4, Task 1)Report elements sequenced as required.

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Team Members:

The Lessons Learned Document

By the end of the day on Saturday August 12, each team will submit one written document via SLATE mailbox outlining the lessons in project management they have learned through doing this assignment. The submission should be a Word document, one single-spaced page, or more, answering questions from the lessons learned instructions document.