Part 1 Review the Week 6 Learning Resources. Read Chapters 12–13 in Burden and Byrd (2015). Review the Week 6 Learning Resources and consider the growing options of technology available to teachers and students. Reflect upon the technolog

Part 1 Review the Week 6 Learning Resources. Read Chapters 12–13 in Burden and Byrd (2015). Review the Week 6 Learning Resources and consider the growing options of technology available to teachers and students. Reflect upon the technology you have seen integrated during your Field Experience hours. Consider the idea that technology can provide many benefits, but it also comes with many challenges. Part2 In addition, review the Minnesota graduation standards for students. BY DAY 7 In your Field Experience classroom, teach the lesson plan you designed in Week 4. Reflect on the lesson with your host teacher. Submit a 2- to 3-page reflective paper providing specific examples that address the following: What was successful in the lesson? What areas of the lesson would you rethink or redesign? Identify and describe something you learned about creating goals and objectives for a lesson. Based on the reflection with your host teacher, did the students meet the learning objectives? Provide evidence. If this were your classroom, how would you record student performance in this lesson and communicate it to families? How does knowing a student’s social, cognitive, emotional, and moral state influence your instructional decisions? What is the biggest takeaway from this lesson that will guide future lesson planning and assist students in meeting the Minnesota graduation standards? Format your essay according to APA style. Part3 Review the Learning Resources related to types of resources and tips for collecting research for a literature review. TO COMPLETE Begin identifying resources related to your question(s) from Section 1 of your project. These resources should meet the criteria outlined in the introduction to this assignment. To allow you enough time to prepare a proper literature review, you will have two courses to work on the literature review. By the end of this course, EDUC 6052, you will need to submit Part A, which is an annotated bibliography with at least six resources supporting your question. The titles of the six resources should be in correct APA format and your description of each resource should be 100–150 words in length. Be sure to format your resources using APA 7. Part 4 For your Week 6 Discussion, you use a story with one or more students to help him or her improve behavior so they will be positive members of the classroom community. Read the Eisenman and Harper (2016) article, “Bibliotherapy for Classroom Management.” Meet with your field-placement teacher to identify a current issue or problem in a student’s life (or in a small group of students who may be experiencing the same issue, such as a behavior concern, divorce, etc.). Choose a book to use with the student or group, either one identified in the article or one that you and your host teacher find that is appropriate. BY DAY 3 Post a response to the following points: Identify the title of the book and the problem or concern that you addressed. How did the story help the child or children feel emotionally safe? How will this support students with individual and group work? According to the article, there are four stages of bibliotherapy. Of the four, which did you find to be the most powerful for the student(s) and why? Include citations from the resources that support your analysis in the initial post. Part4 Read the selected literature carefully to get a broad overview, with attention to the relationship of the literature to theory or theories. Your literature review should be a critical analysis of at least six current (less than 5 years old) relevant, and reliable resources related to your research question. Evaluate and interpret the literature on the topic by organizing the themes into sub-topics. Create a synthesis by reconciling similarities and differences in the literature. Consider the implications of possible conclusions and identify fruitful areas for future research. TO COMPLETE As you write your literature review, follow these guidelines: Use the third person. Do not include your opinion or indicate a prejudice toward the findings. Provide an overview of the sources, including a solid background, identifying prior research. Organize your literature review utilizing headings to highlight key topics that align to your research question. Synthesize the information about each topic. Demonstrate what you have learned from the literature. Analyze the information gathered. Identify any gaps in literature and plans for future research. Demonstrate the importance of your research and how it fits within the field of education. As you transition from one article to the next, make connections between the articles. In your concluding paragraph, summarize what you have discussed, provide clarity about gaps or limitations in the literature on your topic area and establish your research question(s). Submit your response in APA 7 format.