Part One For this section, integrate material from the lectures, videos, and add

Part One
For this section, integrate material from the lectures, videos, and additional readings with Off the Books discussing the relationship between race, class and community.
What infrastructural factors need to be taken into considered to fully understand the community in Marquis Park. What role did the state and federal governments play in creating Maquis Park? What role did capital play? Note: This will require some extrapolation on your part.
Part Two
For this section, consider the cultural (values, beliefs, norms) integral to holding the community together.
In what ways do the women’s understanding of the responsibilities they have toward their family and community relationships provide a foundation for creating a social network that strengthens and enriches their personal and community lives? What role do the men of Maquis Park play in family and community efforts? Compare the women’s and men’s role in Maquis Park to those in The Jungle. How are they similar? How are they different?
Part Three
For this section, drawing on Part 1 and 2, explore the dialectical (two-way) relationship between the infrastructure and superstructure.
Explain what the dialectical method means and demonstrate its movement using examples from Part 1 and 2. Where would you place the primary emphasis for change in Maquis Park? Note: The slides on the sociocultural evolution would be helpful here.
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Paper Mechanics: 5-7 pages, 12-pt font, 1.5 spacing, and 1-inch margins.
Remember: It is important to use material (quotes and paraphrasing with appropriate citing) from your resources to back-up any assertions you may make. While you do not want to string a series of quotes together, you want to back-up the points you are trying to make; this means there should be at minimum one quote per paragraph.
Papers that use outside resources (those not assigned or discussed/viewed in-class will be penalized one grade point. No outside research is necessary.