Please read the following requirements carefully and complete this article accor

Please read the following requirements carefully and complete this article according to the requirements.
400 to about 650 words, but certainly no more than 800 words.
Include the word count at the end of your response, like this: Words: 582
Write the response in Standard American English. This includes using full sentences, indented paragraphs, and proper spelling and punctuation. Be sure to double space your submission.
Place course concepts you use in bold. Example: “Early on our group developed an unusual norm about taking turns in conversation…” (Note that your goal is still to demonstrate a rich understanding of the course material, though, and not merely to “spam vocabulary.”)

Content:I choose the service group as the main content of the descriiption

Part 1: Explain two specific things that happened early on in the group’s history; use these to illustrate two early stages of Tuckman’s Model of Group Development. (Select from the forming, storming, or norming stages.) In addition to correctly labeling the two stages, your answer should clearly reference other course concepts from the textbook and lesson.

Part 2: Identify a specific group process (such as a behavior or procedure, as explained in the I-P-O model) and explain how it affected synergy in the group, either positively or negatively. Draw upon the lesson explanations about systems, social facilitation, social interference, or process losses to develop your analysis.

Part 3: Explain one norm that has changed over time. Be sure to explain which of the four categories of norms it fits in, as outlined in the textbook, and what led the norm to change.