Please review the approaches to developing strategies (referenced below): Five-p

Please review the approaches to developing strategies (referenced below):
Five-part Process
Visual Strategy Mapping Process
Principled-Focused Process
After you review these approaches, please take a look at step 6 of the process in the workbook. What are some of your takeaways after reading the material? Do you have a particular approach that you feel would work for your current employer (or a past employer)? Or, should one of these be a future consideration for the strategic planning process….
In addition, please review the below articles and videos, and then detail from all your readings to pull in personal experiences – which approaches have worked for you, and why? Please be sure to reference your readings and the video. You are further encouraged to find additional sources from the NSU library system to reference throughout your post to strengthen your position.
Ward, K.W. (2006). Alignment as a process of enabling organizational adaptation: Extending the theory of alignment as guided adaptation.ProQuest Dissertations.
Zanin, F., & Bagnoli, C. (2015). Knowledge visualization for strategic change: mapping knowledge for discovering business renewal. European Conference on Knowledge Management.
Jones, J. (2016, October 11). How adaptability will help you deal [Video]. TED Conferences.
Sandler Training Worldwide. (2018, September 26). Organizational excellence step 10: Regular planning review process [Video]. YouTube.
A. Required Textbook(s):
• Bryson, J. M. (2011). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement (4th ed.). Jossey-Bass.
• E-text available from:
(Free Version/Link Above)
• Bryson, J. M. & Alston, F. K. (2011). Creating your strategic plan: A workbook for public and nonprofit organizations (3rd ed.). Jossey-Bass.
• E- text available from:

Please review the approaches to developing strategies (referenced below): Five-p
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