Pollution Crisis on the Southern Border PURPOSE This research essay assignment i

Pollution Crisis on the Southern Border
This research essay assignment is designed to develop argumentation, research, critical thinking, writing, and persuasive skills and create a polished research-based academic argument.
A multi-source research essay will help you to
Compose an analytic essay with multiple sources, choosing an effective structure and creating significant relationships among sources by discussing how the claims of one or more arguments modify, complicate, or qualify one another.
Research and write a fully documented research paper using MLA in-text citations of sources and an MLA Works Cited bibliography.
Gain resources for your own writing and development of your own clear style.
This assignment will also help you to gain mastery in the following important content knowledge in this discipline:
Identifying and analyzing rhetorical and organizational strategies from a variety of sources and employing appropriate strategies to compose thesis-driven essays.
Understanding how professional writers employ organizational and rhetorical techniques to develop their ideas clearly and persuasively. 
TASK (Instructions)
The final essay must be at least 2000 words of writing; in terms of page count that works out to at least 7 and 1/2 pages, NOT INCLUDING THE WORKS CITED PAGE using a 12-point Times New Roman font, standard margins and double spacing. It must have MLA formatted in-text citations throughout the essay and documenting your quotations, paraphrases, and summaries, as well as any references to sources that you analyze or critique. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY GRAPHICS, CHARTS, TABLES, PHOTOS, OR OTHER INSERTS YOU MAY USE DO NOT COUNT AS PART OF YOUR WORD COUNT. So if your graphic takes up a half page, then your essay writing must compensate for that with an extra half page of writing.
The essay must also have a separate Works Cited page (which, as stated above, does NOT count as part of your minimum 2000 words).  The Works Cited must have a minimum of SIX outside sources that you have referenced in the essay and that correspond to your in-text citations. The entire essay and Works Cited must be MLA formatted. Do NOT use a different format like APA. USING A DIFFERENT FORMAT WILL CAUSE YOUR ESSAY TO FAIL.
Background: After every rainfall, the Tijuana River becomes a flowing torrent of raw sewage, chemical effluents, garbage and trash that flows directly into our ocean. As sea currents move the flow north, the inevitable beach closures occur at Imperial Beach and other points northward. Occasionally, too, when Mexico’s sewage processing plants get overwhelmed, massive releases occur without any rainfall at all. Many questions arise: How long has this been happening? How bad is the problem for people, wildlife, and the environment? How can it be fixed? Who is responsible for fixing it? How much will it cost? How long will it take? During the Trump administration, the Environmental Protection Agency promised $300 million for environmental border projects. A few years have passed since then What has happened to that money? When and how will it be used?
Approach: This is a PROBLEM/SOLUTION essay, which is a specialized form of ARGUMENT. You must consider the important facets of the problem on both sides of the border and consider proposed solutions that will share responsibility and solve the problem. Your research should come from credible sources. In your final essay, you will reference at least six outside sources to support your points.
You will begin by exploring articles and essays that address this problem as well as articles and essays that propose solutions. Then, you will select the most relevant sources related to your topic, generate ideas, and develop a working thesis. Based on your research, your thesis will indicate the solution or solutions that you believe will be the most effective to end this problem.
Your final essay should be detailed in terms of content, evidence, sources, and support. The essay should be tight and focused, and your position should be responsibly, persuasively, and credibly argued. As with any strong argument essay, you should:
Begin with a focused introduction
Provide historical background of the problem as well as the present magnitude and scope of the crisis
Consider solutions proposed to end the problem
Support your argument with a series of focused body paragraphs
Conclude with a focused conclusion that supports a solution based on your research and your own views
Reference outside sources smoothly and effectively to illustrate points and to support claims
Demonstrate awareness of your rhetorical situation in terms of purpose and audience
Address and respond to counterarguments, perhaps having to do with different solutions
Format the essay MLA style
Maintain an effective balance of ethos, pathos, and logos
Convey your points through professional academic writing
Maintain crisp, clear prose
Ensure that your finished essay is free of errors
Your final essay should clearly establish the nature and scope of the problem, examine proposed solutions, demonstrate your understanding of your sources’ arguments, and address and respond to them, presenting counterarguments when necessary. Each paragraph should have a clear a topic sentence and appropriate transitions to connect ideas.
Grading will be based on the following:
A clear thesis stated in your introduction and reinforced in your conclusion. Essay length and MLA requirements as stated above have been met.
Relevant and sufficient support of your thesis based on your presentation and analysis of published authors in the field.
Logical organization that begins with an introduction that hooks the reader, adequately introduces the issue, and states a thesis; body paragraphs that are well-developed and in a logical progression with appropriate transitions to connect ideas; and a conclusion that brings the essay to a meaningful close.
The essay is written in clear prose with accurate, precise word choice, a variety of sentence structures, and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
MLA format is correct with accurate quotations and paraphrases that are written without borrowing the sources’ words or sentence structures.  Quotations and paraphrases are integrated effectively and documented properly without omissions or plagiarism. The Works Cited accurately lists the sources used in the essay and is formatted properly.
I will consider all of the above holistically (all the criteria for a successful essay taken together) in my evaluation of your submission. I will assign the essay a letter grade and offer you constructive criticism in my comments. I will then convert that letter grade according to the following scale:
A+ = 1000 points (100%)
A = 950 points (95%)
A- = 925 points (92.5%)
B+ = 875 points (87.5%)
B = 850 points (85%)
B- = 825 points (82.5%)
C+ = 775 points (77.5%)
C = 750 points (75%)
C- = 725 points (72.5%)
D = 650 points (65%)
F =  550 points (55%)
No Essay = 0 points
Plagiarized Essay = 0 points and disciplinary action
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